Today is Earth Day. I’m sure you’ll celebrate by eating your entire meal to reduce food waste or drinking your latte without a straw. But did you know Earth Day can be a drinking Holiday? Try indulging in these brands and we can help save planet Earth one drink at a time.


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Who doesn’t love a good box of wine? Well believe it or not, boxed wine is actually sustainable. Boxed wine leaves a much smaller carbon footprint than the conventional glass bottle and keeps your wine fresh for at least 6 weeks (not that you’ll need that long). So gear up for a Tour de Franzia this Earth day, but remember: safety first (wear a helmet).


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Here’s one for all you Kansas City fans. Based in Missouri, 360 Vodka uses 100% recyclable bottles which feature a swing top cap for infinite reuse. They even partnered with the Missouri Department of Conservation to launch the Forrest 360 initiative to plant trees on the 40 acres surrounding the distillery to offset any carbon emissions.



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The best way to drink sustainably with beer is to keep it local and drink at a local brewery. If you can’t drink local, then try beers produced by New Belgium and Brooklyn Brewery. These breweries have developed brewing processes that significantly reduce waste and offset their carbon footprint. Whatever you do, make sure you order by the keg, as this is the most eco friendly option verse cans and bottles.


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Driving should be the absolute last thing on your mind when doing the tango with Tequila, but Jose Cuervo is trying to change that. This tequila producer has teamed up with Ford Motor company to explore the use of agave plant byproducts to develop more sustainable bio-plastic parts in their vehicles. The use of these materials will help Ford reduce vehicle weight and lower energy consumption, while helping Jose Cuervo to minimize waste.


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DonQ uses the steam made from production to power the still at the Seralles Distillery in Puerto Rico and have reduced their oil dependency by over 50% which equates to over 1 million gallons of saved fuel. What do they do with all their CO2 emissions? They bottle it up and sell it to local soda producers for carbonation.



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The Bombay Sapphire Distillery at Laverstoke Mill is so efficient that it was awarded the BREEAM award for industrial design. The distillery uses a biomass boiler to burn any biproducts of the distillation process as a fuel source. It’s also located within a Conservation Area creating a unique wetland habitat throughout the distillery.


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Maker’s Mark distillery is nearly self sustaining, recycling about 95% of all its waste and using biogas as fuel which helps reduce natural gas consumption by 15-30%. The distillery, along with other major brands like Jack Daniels and Woodford Reserve, sell remaining mash to local farms to use as feed for livestock, and they even partner with local conservation groups to protect surrounding lands.

Whatever you drink this Earth Day, just make sure you drink sustainably. Here’s to Mother Earth. Cheers!

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