My golly Mrs. Molly, I thought the bandwagons in Tampa were horrific, but they don’t hold a candle to the bunch of jerks in Carolina. Struggling to fill the stands last year and talks of relocation, yet, surpass 85 points and suddenly your city overtakes Detroit for “hockey town”

Capping off what could have been a back to back year, the road blocks were all clear for them. No penguins. No lightning. Even the west was busted wide open. Yet, the Caps could not take a bite of that forbidden fruit. It’s official, all the top seeds have been eliminated. NHL history and the Caps were a part of it last night. What a joke but hey, that’s playoff hockey. That is why this is the greatest sport; any seed has a chance unlike the NBA. Enjoy watching Golden State for the next 10 years. “Sick League.” -Ryan Whitney TM.

All that being said, I am in anguish, absolute misery as I drown in a bucket of boiling tears. Sure, officiating could have been better but every losing team will argue that. The Caps lost for one reason and one reason only. They beat themselves just like they did every year prior to 2018. Yes, Kempy and Oshie injured hurt the Caps immensely. Yet, Kuzzy scoring one goal hurt us even more. Vrana…. What were you up to this series? Any-hoo, the series is over and the team that actually gave a shit about the first round is moving on. Congrats Candy Canes, your first playoff win in 10 years on none other than my cursed ridden Capitals. Best of luck in the playoffs and I am excited for all of you “fans.” You’ll get to witness your 8th hockey game because we all know damn well no one gave a shit about the Hurricanes 2 weeks ago.

Have fun on the golf course Caps. See you next year,

A not mad but disappointed fan but also f****ng furious.