Welcome to our inaugural segment of The Traveling Jockey, where we explore the realm of this thing we all call earth. From the gates of Rome to the streets of San Carlos Park, each week we will dive into what it’s like to spend time in these glorious cities, countries and in some cases, shit holes. First up, the motherland, Ireland.

Ireland is a lot like the Iron Islands for those of you who watch Game of Thrones. It’s cold, wet, filled with rocks and a lot of very average looking people. That being said, Ireland will rock the tits right off your chest. I had the distinct pleasure of exploring this great country a few moons back. When you venture into the unknown, many sought out the sights, sounds and beauty of the country that make them so compelling. I did just that. From Distilleries to Pubs to… well, the only sight seeing I really entertained were the fine barstools. Turns out, people love their alcohol in Ireland much like they do in America. Minus our teeth and general view of life, we’re not all that different. I spent all of my time in Dublin, the heart and soul of Ireland where the Guinness and whiskey flows like the salmon of Capistrano.

Let me tell you, the rumors are undoubtl’y true. The Guinness is 1,000% more glorious across the pond than the swine we have here in the states. So thick, so frothy, it’s like drinking milk from a dragons breast. Ireland tuned me into such a beer snob, I’ve started shaming random people at the bars for drinking Coors light as they are some sort of feeble peasant, which they very well may be. The only thing better than the Guinness? The people. In the states, everyone is so vexed with one another. In Ireland, as long as you have a pint of Guinness in your hand, you have a bar full of best friends or as they say, Lads.  If you ever get a chance and you have a thirsty palate, Ireland is the drinking escapade you’re looking for. If you’re looking for the glorious views of hills, shrubbery and history, Don’t go to Dublin. That being said, If you’re up for some wild times and some late night streaking, Dublin Ireland is the place for you. Check back next week where we travel to Nashville commonly knows as “Nash-Vegas”

Ireland Score

Scenery: 7/10

Food: 6/10- The Fish and Chips are phenomenal but everything else is just potatoes.

Alcohol: 10/10

Written by Clarky