A few years ago one of my mentors recommended a book to me: The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon. I just recently got around to reading it and I’m mad at myself for putting it off for so long! I read the book in about 2 days since it’s a pretty quick read (only 170 pages). It is a professional development book that talks about the 10 Ways to Fuel your Life, Work and Team with Positive Energy. Being positive is something I try to maintain both personally and professionally, however I have always found that there seems to always be 1 or 2 bad apples that try to kill a the mood by constantly “nay-saying”. These individuals are fairly universal no matter where you go, so the challenge lies in how to effectively deal with them and not be impacted by an attitude that can be cancerous. Whether you are a nay-sayer that would like to become a yay-sayer, or want to continue to “drive” your success with positivity there are a few reasons why this book may be right for you.

1. Woe is you.

Do you feel like everything bad happens to you, and only you? And that it happens all at once and all too often? For example your car has a flat tire, the same day that you have to be at work for an important meeting, and by the time you FINALLY make it into the office you realize your computer needs to install an update that’s going to take up most of your morning. You’re the type of person that this sort of things happen to quite frequently right?

If you answered ‘yes’ to that question, then this book is worth your time. The Energy Busfollows a main character, George, on a day that begins in this unfortunate way. This book will enlighten you to believe that the above series of events actually happened to you for a reason. A positive reason. It will teach you to look more deeply at the bad things that might be happening to you and seek out the opportunity you have actually been presented with vs. just taking the events for what they may seemingly be.

2. You feel surrounded by Nay-Sayers.

You may be someone who already sees everyday as a new chance to create successes and if you are, I also bet you feel like you can easily pinpoint those who approach each day with the “Same Sh*t, Different Day” attitude. You know the type I am talking about …they never say “Good Morning” back to you, they put others down to make themselves feel better, and they’re the first to point out why you’re new idea isn’t going to work. For me, these people are emotionally draining.

This book will teach you how to professionally deal with these people by inviting them on your bus or politely telling them that your bus isn’t the right bus for them. The book refers to these people as “vampires”.  This was eye opening for me as I always recognized my energy levels dropping after an interaction with these folks but never understood why I was experiencing this impact.

3. You don’t know how to fuel your success.

Regardless of your attitude, if you’re in the midst of your career and feeling a little stuck on how to get where you’d like to go, this book might be great for you as well. The foundation of The Energy Bus revolves around your understanding that only YOU are the driver of your bus. There is a brief exercise that walks you through identifying where exactly you’d like to go. From here you can channel your energy on these items and build outwards from here. Not only envisioning, but also writing down where you’d like to see your life, work/career, personal relationships be in the future is key critical in understanding the path to take to achieve your vision.

For a lot of us, we may not know exactly “what we want to be when we grow up” but we do have a general sense of what kind of person we’d like to become and what type of legacy we’d like to leave behind. By breaking these things down into 3 different buckets: your life, work/career, personal relationships it gives us an easier way to manage what we expect of ourselves and what we are willing to tolerate from others. Using positivity to fuel these areas of our life will inevitably lead to a great impact on those involved in these areas and allow you to understand who in your life is heading in the right direction with you.

In Conclusion

As someone who has always proclaimed that everything happens for a reason and being the one who says “Let’s do it!” when everyone else rolls their eyes and says “That will never work”, this book further solidified my belief that having these pillars in place are necessary for a successful future. Keeping a positive attitude that’s laser focused on where you’d like to go will lead you to a life where you’re surrounded by those that charge you up, believe in you, and eliminate any vampires who may be looking to poke holes in your tires.

This book was a great read and I recommend it for anyone who has been considering riding a different bus to get to their destination.



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