With the 32nd overall pick in the 2019 draft, the New England patriots select wide receiver N’Keal Harry. Who? Doesn’t matter who Bill Belichick selected, what matters is his plan. This is what Billy boy does, selects the nobody’s and makes them the somebody’s by using that systematic scheme that is the identity of the New England Patriots. Regardless of who they are, somehow, any player who strolls through the great white north ends up panning out. Further assisting Belichick in claiming his end goal, Ultimate domination of the world. Enough beating off around the bush, Bill Belichick is the Night King. Oh, ears all perked up now eh? Before you disprove my theory and dive deeper into the rabbit hole that is Reddit, here are the facts.

Each and every waking year, these average, under looked players get selected slipping under the radar. After being engulfed in the New England system for some time, Bellichick has this power to turn these average joes into absolute monsters who wreak havoc upon the league (The seven kingdoms). Sound familiar? Much like the Night King, he preys on the weak and with the touch of his finger, they become his undead army of 52. After migrating from the Jets(Winterfell) to New England (North of the Wall) his plan has been long in the making. It all started with his first  white walker, Tom Brady. Undersized, underdeveloped and overlooked, yet, the night king with the touch of his finger created this monster who has been carrying out his evil deeds for the past two decades. Riddle me this, Tom Brady has six Super bowl rings and is arguably the best quarterback that has ever played the game, yet, he is completely satisfied with being the 16th highest paid quarterback in the league.

“ He’s bought into the system new England have.”

That’s bullshit, he’s under the night kings ultimate vexing control. Still not convinced Brady is a white walker? The man has yet to age!?? He’s in his 40’s and looks like Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds fornicated, had a child and that child grew up to be a star Quarterback.


Life just doesn’t pan out that way and there is only one explanation and it’s staring us all in the face every time we look in the mirror. Bill Bellichick is the Night King. Until the seven Kingdoms unite and mine some dragon glass to penetrate him, the NFL is doomed forever. Is Patrick Mahomes the prince that was promised??? Only time will tell, but he may very well be, our Arya Stark.

I call upon all supporting banners and houses to unite against The Night King and his band of White walkers, the New England Patriots.

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Written by Clarky