If you’ve ever been to a baseball game, then you’re already very familiar with the baseball tradition of singing “Take me out to the ball game”. During the 7th inning stretch, the entire stadium is able to put all rivalries aside to sing baseball’s anthem. And no matter how old or young you are, everyone in attendance knows every word to the song. That’s because this song has been around since before most baseball fans were even born.

Just how old is this song? 111 years!

In 1908, Jack Norworth wrote the lyrics to “Take me out to the ballgame” and Albert Von Tilzer wrote the music.  Fun fact: up to this point, neither Jack Norworth or Albert Von Tilzer had ever been to a baseball game. But this didn’t stop the song from becoming an instant hit rising to the top of the charts as the most popular song of that year. Despite its popularity, the song didn’t get played at a major league baseball game until 1934.

Although singing “Take me out to the ballgame” is a timeless tradition and a staple for major league baseball, we at Office Jockeys can’t help but think that maybe the song is a little outdated. It’s no surprise that baseball is in desperate need for a rejuvenation to get fans more excited, so maybe a modern day remix might be exactly what the league needs.

We took  a shot at putting together some new lyrics but would love to hear some suggestions from you. Send in your renditions to officejockeys@gmail.com and you could be featured on our site.


Take Me Out to the Ball Game – Revisited and Remastered

Take me out to the ball game

Watch me drink all this beer

Keep all your peanuts and cracker jacks

I don’t care if my vision goes black

Let me root, root, root for the beer man

If it’s last call that’s a shame

For it’s one, two, three pints of beer 

At the Old Ball Game



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Silent Riot