Summer is approaching which means we need to start preparing our beach bodies. To get toned and fit, maybe we start exercising more and try every diet we find on the internet. Maybe we even try the Quick Fix to slim down in a hurry. No matter your method, the one thing you don’t want to do is stop having fun. Blacking out is a year long activity, so there’s no reason it should be put on hold due to beach season.

Drinking while on a diet? Is this even allowed? All the diets say you have to quit drinking to slim down. Well, yeah. I’m sure it definitely helps accelerate the process, but we’re treating our drinking habits as part of our regular diets. Like most part of the diet when trying to be healthier, we want to cut calories where we can, so below is a little guide to help you decide which drinks to choose on your drunken pursuit of happiness.


Beer probably isn’t your best option if you’re trying to slim down as it usually contains carbs. But if beer is your usual go to then it’s best to stick to light beers as the calories tend to increase as alcohol content increases. When it comes to light beers, there’s a lot of options out there, but your best options for low calorie beers is Michelob Ultra, Natural Light, or Miller Lite.

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      *See the full list of beers at the Efficient Drinker.

Hard Seltzer

The latest craze has been the rise of hard seltzers. While beer leaves you feeling full, these slightly flavored waters seem to get us just as drunk and we love them! For the most part, these drinks have a low calorie count but more alcohol than most light beers. If you’re trying to replace beer, then Henry’s Hard is your best option for lowest calories, but if you’re willing to sacrifice some extra calories for Alcohol content, Truly is your second best option.

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The problem with these low alcohol beverages is that you need to drink an abundance of them to get totally inebriated. By the end of the night you could rack up a pretty high bill on the calories tab. If your looking for a quick drunk to minimize your calorie intake, then straight liquor is your best option. Stick to the basics and avoid sugary mixers and you should be in the clear (of calories not hangovers).

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*To see the full list of Liquors visit the Efficient Drinker.


Let’s be honest, drinking is the number one cause for broken diets. Not because of the calorie intake, but because of the debauchery that follows once you’ve reached your blackout status. You may stay loyal to your diet during the first 3 Michelob Ultra’s, but eventually you’ll want to treat yourself to a cheat drink. Next thing you know you’re waking up in your bed spooning a pizza.  That’s called progress, right?

Cheers to the diet!

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