Welcome back park rats to chapter number 7 where you get honor to meet our landlord. If you’ve yet to dive into the realm of this saga, catch up below on the first 6 chapters.

You’ve heard about the house. You’ve listened to the timeless trails and tribulations of the day to day that occurred. You’ve even witnessed the atrocity our neighbors were subjected to. Yet, you’ve eluded hearing about the individual who controls the land where the Titz rightfully sits. Allow me to introduce the vile and heinous lord of the land, the Night King of San Carlos Park. Driven by a desire for pure sovereignty and vexed evil, much like the Icey blue eyed walker of Westeros, our landlord treated his homes and tenants in the same demeanor. With his ecological footprint in upwards of 20 homes in the Park, the night king thrived off taking advantage of college kids throughout this realm. Sup Landlord, look at me now, blogging about you. How the turns tables.

Our relationship with the Night King began like a vast amount of relationships do. Based off of lies.

“Day or night just give me a call and I’ll ensure you are happy with your rental home.” – Landlord

“Don’t sweat it, your home is in the careful hands of four 19-year-old males, everything should go smoothly.”Us

“Sir, we would never have a party in your home. That would be disrespectful. Also, we are all under 21 and would be breaking the law by drinking.” -Us

“Trust me, if your toilet ever breaks, I’ll be sure to fix it and not wait 3 years after a court date to address it.” (stay tuned for that chapter)- Landlord

“Adam, under no circumstances would somebody throw a chair through the sliding glass door. That’s just reckless and not us.”- Us

“No, I don’t potentially see any fire hazards with this home.” Us

“Guys was there a fire on the lawn.” Landlord

“Absolutely not.” Us


Anyways, you get the picture and some heavy foreshowing of what is to come in the following chapters as unfortunately, these few items listed above did transpire. For four years, back and forth both parties went. Arguments, blood, sweat and tears were to follow.

“For the last time, I have no f****ng idea how the house got filled with farm hay, there must be a crack in the foundation.” US

I could get into all the juicy details about how the lawn burst into flames one night. I cold take a trip down memory lane when we went to court with our landlord over $10,000 in damages after the second year or I could even dive into the pink water that poured from all of our plumbing valves. However, I don’t want to spoil all the wonders of the house just yet. Check back next Friday where we get to the end of our first lease and the walk through that followed.


Written by Clarky