Part one

The sky isn’t falling fellow knickerbockers. Kevin Durant’s calf injury appears to be just a strain and he’ll be back for some part of the Finals. Secondly, Kyrie’s situation in Boston looks up in the air and Terry Rozier comments on the 2018-2019 year certainly didn’t seem positive. Finally, ohhhhh boo fucking hoo….. we missed out on the Zion Sweepstakes but here’s how the cookie really crumbled that night.

We fucking bypassed a 49% chance of getting the 4th overall picked and snagged number 3 which will turn into Murray State Point GOD Ja Murray and Duke freshman phenom RJ Barrett. There’s other positive benefactors to selecting 3rd overall. This isn’t the worst case scenario for the Knicks. Yes the worst overall record and no Zion sucks but that’s the league now.

Silver and his fellow lizard people found a way to remove tanking. So listen folks, the worst case scenario right now is Durant’s Calf strain actually being an Achilles rupture causing him to be out 10-12 months. That means an injured KD opts INTO his player Option with the Warriors and guaranteed millions that comes with it to not play the entire year as a Warrior and hit free agency fresh in summer 2020. Also as a little side dish to the meal of disaster, this injury and opt in causes the break up of the Warriors dynasty due to the fact they won’t have enough money to pick up KD’s option (which they can’t choose) and also extend Draymond Green contracts or resign Klay Thompson. That would also equal another year in purgatory without Durant as a Knick leaving us sleepless at night thinking of all the what if’s for another year.

Part Deux.

Onto Kyrie and Boston. They gave us a nice second round exit, but here’s an idea what if Kyrie and The Celtics were still playing??? What if there wasn’t building negative tension in the Boston Celtics Locker Room? Just waiting to show it’s ugly face to the TD Garden faithful that crippled an All Star Line Up. I mean George Hil and Pat Connaughton were given a 2018 Eastern Conference Final team plus two All Stars. The cookie is plain and simple. There were moments in the 3rd and 4th quarter that series where GH PC just said “I’m a grown ass man I’m bigger than you, i buy scented beard oils and Post shave balm because i am a man this ball is going in the net”

The Boston Celtics, Mostly all-stars, could do nothing. So KD is mildly injured, moving his business HQ to New York and Kyrie is unhappy with the result of his final season with Boston and The Knicks have two Max Free Agent spots….. So smile life isn’t so bad, not too mention there’s Jimmy Butler, Tobias Harris, Kemba Walker, Kawhi Leonard, and dare i say him Kris Middleton all on the open market this summer.

Part Thrice

Finally the draft lottery…. I know what the people want. They want an over the top reaction of me in my knicks jersey throwing my belongings around my room like your local subway crackhead, WELL you’re not gonna get it…. I’m happy with this outcome of the Draft Lottery. Like my man Jay Williams said on ESPN countless times ,this NBA draft is a 3 person draft. WERE GETTING ONE OF THOSE THREE PEOPLE. Do people realize how bad it could’ve been for us??? We had  49% of getting the 4th overall pick, as opposed to the 13% chance we had at the 1st overall pick. Secondly the Cavaliers fell to the 5th overall pick while the Suns fell TO 6TH!!!… they had the 2nd and 3rd worst record who had the same chances as us. That means there was 33% chance the Knicks fell to 6 hello Deandre Hunter (dodged that), a 33% chance we fell to 5 lol Jarrett Culver, or the 49% we fell to 4 aka Cam Reddish, who may be a solid NBA player but i currently wouldn’t be able to sleep. We defined the fucking odds guys and can get one of the players in this 3 Player Draft, Kyrie looks like he’s not going back to Boston, and KD is still set to enter Free Agency this Summer. So stop fucking chirping Jeff.