Since the dawn of time, beer has dominated the world of advertising. Year after year we crowd around the TV to watch the Superbowl, not for the game but the advertisements. Sure Tide and Pepsi may bring their A game, but we all know the best commercials come from our favorite beer brands. It’s highly unlikely that these commercials will change our drinking habits, but at the very least they give us a pretty good laugh. Here’s some of our favorite ads.

Bud Light Swear Jar

Working with coworkers can be difficult, but this is a project I could get behind.


Coors Light – Here’s to Football

Twins Basil! This ad had the whole country crazy about twins, and yeah I’m sure we gained some appreciation for Coors and Football as well.



Keystone Light – Always Smooth

This awkward encounter hits entirely too close to home. It’s sad to say that we’ve all probably been there and that’s why it’s so funny.


Heineken – Walk in Closet

We’re simple men with simple tastes. It’s very easy to satisfy us and a walk in closet full of Heineken would certainly do the trick.


Bud Light – Clothing Drive

It’s so nice to see an office work together to support a good cause.


Michelob Ultra Amber Light Beer

The only thing cleaner than that hit was the message.


Miller Lite – Cat Fight

This is one of our favorites for obvious reasons. There’s nothing men love more than a good Cat fight. Obviously Miller Lite didn’t need to come up with a catchy slogan. They just gave us something entertaining to look at and in the process taught us that Miller Lite has great taste and is less filling.

Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 6.58.25 PM

Silent Riot