If you missed the MLB All-Star Game, which, unfortunately, many of you probably did, it was rather blah, other than the players being mic’ed up, which was cool at times.  Since the game does not mean much, part of the cool thing about the All-Star week is more of the festivities surrounding it, the Home Run Derby being the number 1 attraction.  Aside from this, it is cool seeing the best guys in the game altogether and letting loose.  One of my favorite spectacles is the announcing of the line ups.  It is cool to see how much guys age and reflect on who has been the best during the first 90 games.

This year was in Cleveland.
Shane Greene from the Detroit Tigers must have gotten an earful?! Nope.
How about all of the Twins All Stars? They’re good this year, aren’t they?  No boos.
KC?  Whit Merrifield is hard to boo.
Surely the Chicago White Sox guys did then?  That is their only other divisional rival.  No boos for McCann, Giolito, or Abreau.
The Only Players that got Boo’ed were members of the Chicago Cubs and the New York Yankees.
My phone lit up.  How can you not like Javy?  Kris Bryant is the nicest person ever, why boo him? Why does Cleveland have beef with Contreras?
I loved it.  LOVED it.
This is what I have been waiting for  My Cubbies are HATED for good reasons.  Because on a rainy night in November, we went on that field and WON a big baseball game.
I longed for the days when we would be so hated by everyone for no apparent reason other than the obvious.  Let us go back to 2012.  My freshman spring semester of college.  This is what we were rolling out.
  1. David DeJesus, RF
  2. Darwin Barney, 2B
  3. Starlin Castro, SS
  4. Bryan LaHair, 1B
  5. Alfonso Soriano, LF
  6. Ian Stewart, RF
  7. Marlon Byrd, CF
  8. Geovany Soto, C
  9. Ryan Dempster, P
There are some nostalgically good names in there, don’t get me wrong, but Starlin wasn’t getting booed during the years when he was our lone all-star representative.  Not to mention, everyone loved the Dempster glove flip when he wasn’t pitching against you in a meaningful October game.
Being young and the biggest rival had Albert ‘the machine’ Pujols, Scott Rolen, Jimmy Edmonds, and we had the above.  Just something about those Cardinals team where they always seemed to have a guy come out of nowhere and kill everyone.
If you had told me in 2012, your guys are going to be getting booed in seven years for being a perennial contender, winning a World Series, and having one of the biggest fan bases, I would love it.  Going forward, enjoy this season, Cubs fans. It’s going to be a grind, but remember those days in 2012 when our only hope was Starlin Castro.
Go Cubs.  Cleveland sucks.

The Parlay Prince