Game of Thrones has come and gone. Despite how heart wrenched season 8 left you….all you snotty nosed sass bags need to grow the shit up. We are at the brisk of August and all I still hear about is the oppression everyone is experiencing from this disastrous ending.

It aired back in April, Get the hell over it.

No show has ever blessed us with phenomenal acting, story lines, blood, gore and boobies like Game of Thrones did for 8 straight seasons. Season 8 didn’t turn out how you wanted? Cry me a river. There’s even spin off shows in the works for GOT. Simmer down bitches, it’s going to be all alright alright alright.

Now that you have a gaping hole in your heart where GOT used to be… it’s time to look on from the horizon and gander into realms of other shows. I know this is difficult to hear but it’s reality. That, or you can keep re watching the office until Netflix finally puts that dagger in our hearts and removes it.

Below are five  shows that may not fill that void in your heart but may restore your faith in humanity.

1.True Detective 


Notable Actors: Mathew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson ,Mahershala Ali, Michelle Monaghan

Available on HBO

Seasons: 3

IMB rating:9

What can I say? This show is a true masterpiece that can hang with any GOT season out there. The most well written, directed, acted and well thought out plot I have ever witnessed. Best crime drama up to date. There are 3 season but do yourself a favor and skip season 2, despite the well rounded cast. That being said, Season 1 and 3 are a must see. If you’re up for some dark drama, crime and anxiety attacks… this show is for you. Each season runs 8 episodes with an hour run time. Again, pass on season 2.




2.Peaky Blinders

Notable Actors: Cillian Murphey, Tom Hardy

Available on Netflix

Seasons: 4

IMB Rating: 8.8

One of cinema’s most underated shows on the market, Peaky Blinders. A tale based in England during Prohibition where the ruthless Tommy Shelby mandates his empire of bootlegging, gambling and a plethora of criminal mischief. With supporting cast of Tom Hardy and Adrian Brody, this show to put it simply, is the tits. Each series is a short 6 episodes with an hour run time. Season 5 is set to premier sometime in September, so get ready to Binge.


3.Boardwalk Empire

Notable Actors: Steve Buscemi, Michael Pitt, , Michael Shannon


Seasons: 5

IMB Rating: 8.6

Set at the revolution of Prohibition, This HBO classic centers around Nucky Thompson played by Steve Buscemi (crazy eyes), a high powered bootleger, politician and gangster who rules the outskirts of Atlantic City. This shows has it all: Violence, history, drama, phenominal acting, boobies and even some penis shots. By pulling in major historical Gangsters like Al Capone, Charlie Luciano, Arnold Rothstein and Meyer Lansky this show gives you a first hand experience of the roaring 20’s and early 30’s. Once you get past the fact that Steve Buscemi is actually a bad ass in this show and not on another Adam Sandler movie, you’re in for a real treat.


4.Stranger Things

Notable Actors: Everyone


Seasons: 3

IMB rating: 8.9

I don’t really think I need to harp on this show as you live under a rock if you have yet to see this Netflix money mongerer. Aliens, comedy and some weird ass shit. Need I say more? Check this poop out.


Notable Actors: Travis Fimmel, Katheryn Winnick

History Channel, Amazon

Seasons: 6 

IMB Rating: 8.6

History Channels form of a less budgeted Game Of Thrones. No, it is not as life changing as Game of Thrones but let me tell you, this show is remarkable. Personally, I think the acting gives Thrones a run for it’s money but thats neither here not there. Centered around the most famous Viking in nordic history, Ragnar Lothbrok, the show explores all the pillaging the Vikings wreaked across Scandinavia. Violence, sex (censored, its history channel) and historical refferences make this show a good filler for that void GOT left you with. Season 6 part 2 is rumored to hit the screens in late 2019, so get to binging. This is the last season, setting up for some fireworks and of course, lots of fighting.





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Written by Clarky