Tomorrow night, we watch the Florida Gators take on the Miami Hurricanes. Sure that may sound like some weird Florida thing you read about in the news, but it’s actually the start of something great. This matchup marks the kickoff of college football season, and happiness as we know it.

To mark this grand occasion, we are kicking off our own series “Game Day Cocktails”. Last year, you may recall we hosted the Game Day Series that included tons of diet breaking recipes for you to stuff your face with as you watched your favorite pro football team. This year, we’re switching it up.

We’re quitting our jobs and heading back to college to focus on the thing we love even more than food: Booze. Each week we’ll give you new drink recipes to help you tailgate your way to victory, or to heal the wounds of a devastating defeat. For either occasion, these recipes should do the trick.

Our choice for this week’s matchup is the Florida Gators. As we all know, the Gators invented Gatorade, so it’s only right we include as the essential ingredient in this week’s cocktail. Of course, no tailgate would be complete without some Tito’s and Truly, so bringing the 3 together should really make for a Kickoff you’ll never remember.


  • 1 Shot Vodka
  • 3 Shots Gatorade (Blue or Orange)
  • Orange Flavored Truly
  • Orange Slice


  • Pour vodka and Gatorade in a shaker. Make sure lid is secure and give it a few good shakes. (Pro tip: don’t try to jump ahead and put the Truly in the shaker. It will explode).
  • Pour mix into a glass over ice. Fill any remaining space with Truly.
  • Garnish with an Orange if you’re feeling classy.

Cheers to Game Day. Diet Starts Tomorrow.

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