Well, for those of you who missed 1 of the 3 televised panthers games this past Sunday, I’ll recap for you. The kitty kats stunk. Cam Newton racked up a notorious 5 fantasy point (PPR) Dj Moore evidently ate Texas Road House rolls prior to the game as he couldn’t hold on to the damn ball and of course, no calls really went to kitty kats way. But hey, that’s show Bizz baby. In reality, it did not look pretty. The defense had more holes than a 1980’s men’s trucker stop and Newton did show flashes of his old self but the inconsistency overshadowed that. If number 22 was not in Charlotte, we’d be fighting the Dolphins right now for the number one pick.

Is all hope lost? Probably. Be that as it may, we do play those horrific Buccaneers this upcoming Thursday where they were humbled by the San Fran. Yikes. Winston was stellar per usual and threw for two pick 6’s. If the kitty kats can rebound against the dumpster fire that is Tampa, we might be okay. Lose that you ask? We’re f***ked and it’s time to tank for Tua. Better hope they have Cabs in Charlotte Winston, since you’re banned from UBER and all.

Check out Panther Pete’s live video reactions to yesterdays embarrassment. Happy fricking Monday.