Well, if you thought your timeline was safe from Antonio Brown after this weekend, you were wrong. It appears Antonio is back at it with some extremely serious allegations now. Link below.


Without a doubt, it  has not been the summer Antonio had hoped for.

Below is a timeline of the events for the 4 day Patriot.

  • Fucked his feet up going barefoot in a Cryotherapy routine in France which I am almost certain should be done in tennis shoes.
  • Raised Hell for being asked to conform to a newer safer protection as opposed to his civil war protection. 
  • Social Media outburst
  • Called his Boss a cracker, tried to fight him and topped it off with punting a football. 
  • Secretly  recorded a private conversation without consent which is illegal universally. 
  • Instagram post “Release me”
  • Gets signed for the anti- christ of Pittsburg, New England. 
  • Accused of serious sexual assault allegations.


How many chances is this clown going to get?

Patriots fans will say, this is what you get when you hang out with Big Ben too long.

Steelers fans will assume Robert Kraft had a hand in this.

Raiders fans won’t find out for another three days as they’re still rehearsing what derogatory chant they will use for the next game to ensure AB knows, raider nation is unhappy with him.