It’s no secret, Panther Pete did not enjoy the outcome of Thursday nights game. That was a prime example of just two horrific teams playing a professional sport. Good god, take my eyes from me as I can’t watch a another snap of my Kitty’s season. A public display of maybe the worst Quarterback duel I’ve yet to see. The two field generals played hot potato with the ball all game long but yet, the Buc’s came out on top.

Why did we lose the game?


“My ShOuLdEr FeEls Great Coach”

Thursday I watched Cam throw his first completion over 30 yards and he still underthrew it to Curtis Samuel. Would have been a touchdown if literally anyone else was throwing the pigskin. Get uncle Rico in there as there is clearly something wrong with him and for the life of me, I don’t know why we just don’t sub in Kyle Allen or the prince that was promised, Will Grier. Newton’s mental game is not there. It’s stuck in that Narnia wardrobe where he get’s his tasteful gameday outfits.

Imagine driving to the store, picking this out, looking the cashier in the eyes and justifying to yourself…. this is a good purchase. Then, imagine putting this on, looking yourself in the mirror and convincing yourself……this outfit suits me well. Then drive yourself to the stadium so you can showcase this off to the entire world just to get your ass kicked by the Bucs an hour later. This should have been a red flag to Ron Rivera when he saw Newton waltz into the locker-room looking like an outlandish cafeteria worker.

Weather it’s the ankle, the destoyed shoulder, mental clarity or his wardrobe from the chronicles of Narnia, based on last game, Newton is in no state to be starting QB. I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve an opportunity to redeem himself week 3 but as Kitty Kat fans, we should panic. Which brings me to my closing argument, we need to lose. Tt’s time this Franchise realizes they are dog shit and need to tank, tank fast. Look at the Dolphins, they are tanking with style. Not losing by a touchdown but getting completely blown out of the water. Every day, there is a piece of the Dolphins rumored to get traded. Fitzpatrick just got dealt as I was writing this. I think I’d rather be an actual abused dolphin at SeaWorld than a Miami Dolphin right now. They stink and they want the whole world to know it. Kitty’s, let’s band together, win 2 games this year, sink into the dark abyss of the offseason and draft Tua to save the franchise#TankforTUA

We can’t do this alone but with the help of Newton and supporting cast, we’ve got the tools to go on a deep run of failure for the first round pick.

The Tank for TUA is official on. Shirts coming soon.

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Written by Clarky