Fun Fact: In 1886, a Confederate Colonel named John Pemberton formulated Coca-Cola at a drugstore in Colombus, Georgia. Currently, Coca-Cola is headquartered in Georgia’s capital, Atlanta. For that reason you would think Coca-Cola would be the main ingredient in this week’s Game Day Cocktail, but since they fucked up the original formula (you know what we mean) we don’t touch the stuff! Instead, we’ll focus on the state fruit: the peach.

This week, as we watch the Georgia Bulldogs take on Notre Dame, we’ll be serving up our version of the Bulldog smash. Be warned Princess Peach, this drink isn’t for everyone. The taste of sweet peaches paired with smooth bourbon means this dogs bite is stronger than its bark, and if you’re not careful it could end your Game Day early. But if you’re up to the challenge, well then that’s just peachy. The dog’s are out and it’s time to party. Cheers to Game Day!


  • One shot Bourbon
  • One shot Peach Schnapps
  • Peach Iced Tea
  • One Peach (sliced for garnish)



  1. Pour Bourbon and Peach Schnapps in glass over ice
  2. Fill remainder of glass with Peach Iced Tea
  3. Garnish with a Peach Slice
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Silent Riot