* A week to week segment describing the horrors, the struggles and the agony of Mondays. Drops every Monday just in time for your 8 a.m. poop.

Monday, the absolute butthole of the work week. No matter what motivational YouTube speaker you talk to, no one in reality looks forward to going to work on this dreadful day. Monday is a virtual reminder of reality. Why do you think people get Sunday scaries and excessive anxiety on Sundays? Because they don’t want to go through the misery of those melancholy Mondays. The thought of getting through 5 9 hour days is just too much for the brain to fathom when that alarm finger bangs your ear ferociously at 6 a.m.

If you’re like most of the working folk in your twenties, I imagine you spend your weekends celebrating the allocated time away from your cubicle. Weather it’s treating your liver like a punching bag or traveling the world like the wanderlust millennial you are, come Monday morning, your tank is usually on empty. In todays modern workplace, jobs are so stressful people are lashing out in spite of it on the weekends.

” Why are all our employees sluggish on Monday?” CEO

We’re sluggish you fat cat because this job is so understaffed, stressful and demanding the only proper thing to do at 5:01 is to drink like a fish and continue that pattern until the dawn of Sunday.

Look, I am grateful to have a job, especially in todays market as nothing is guaranteed. Be that as it may, If I am a little slower on Monday morning and need to spend 2 hours pooping out my sins from the weekend, I shouldn’t be chastised for it.

I know we’re at the brisk of the week here Jockeys but I promise you, Friday is coming.


Written by Clarky