Well, despite my best efforts Gary Bettman and those snakes in the front office suspended our baby boy Kuznetsov. I get it, he snorted some very unpleasant and highly illegal drugs. Then, he called the NHL’s bluff and insisted they drug test him. Smart move, shows you’re not afraid and can showcase your innocence. That’s a great strategy, just one small flaw, Kuzzy was playing his inner Tony Montana and tested positive for cocaine. I’m pretty sure it comes out of your system in like 3 days, so our boy was living it up like it was Miami vice.

If the NHL wants to make an example of him that this behavior will not be tolerated that’s fine and I get it but the first 3 games!? Can we move this suspension to maybe, 10/24- 10/28 when we play the Oilers and the Canucks? We can win without him against those dumpster fires.

The Caps first three games

Blues (Away)

Islanders( Home)

Hurricanes (Away)

Could you butt screw us any harder Gary? Open against the Stanley cup champions, then play our former coach and upcoming division rival just to cap against the team who knocked us out of the playoffs last spring.

There is a legit chance we start the season 0-3 without our first line center. You just couldn’t say no to the booger sugar could you? I get it, cocaine in Russia is like taking an allergy pill here in the states. If Kuzzy must be made an example of, fine, I can live with it but start drug testing every other NHL player and you won’t have anyone left to skate. Except maybe, Crosby… I refuse to believe he is cool enough to do drugs.