The term “party like a rockstar” exists for a reason. It’s because the only thing rockstars do better than make music, is party. We’re not talking about your average one too many on a Friday night type of party where you brag to your friends that you “blacked out”. We’re talking about the type of party that lasts for years filled with sex, drugs, and well, rock and roll.

It’s everyone’s dream to be a rockstar, but this life isn’t meant for everyone. Only a select few can handle the lifestyle of a rockstar and it takes a special breed to flourish. Here’s a list of some of those who fully embraced the party lifestyle and in some cases, may have taken it a bit too far.

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Keith Moon

Nicknamed “Moon the Loon”, the drummer for the band “The Who” has been known to be among one of the wildest rockstars of all time. His main vice was blowing up hotel toilets with cherry bombs and dynamite. This of course is child’s play compared to his 21st birthday celebration where he allegedly crashed a Rolls Royce into a Holiday Inn swimming pool, resulting in a lifetime ban from all Holiday Inn’s. His drug abuse would later spiral out of control. So much so that during one show, after taking too much horse tranquilizer and brandy, he passed out on his drum set. When the band failed to revive him they just invited a 19 year old from the audience to play the rest of the show in his place. Ironically, Moon died in 1978 due to an overdose from medicine used to fight his addiction.

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Nikki Sixx

Netflix recently released “The Dirt” which highlights the rise of Mötley Crüe, so you can just see for yourself how wild they got. Of the whole group, Nikki was the craziest. There were several occasions where he was left in a dumpster because they thought he had died, and one time he actually did. As soon as they revived him, he left the hospital to go home and shoot up some more.

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Tommy Lee

Alongside Nikki Sixx, these two became known as the “Terror Twins”. Tommy partied so hard that the band manager had to handcuff him to the bed every night just for his own safety. His wild antics though may have saved the band. When they ran out of money to pay studio recording time, Lee slept with the studio engineer to let them finish the album. His love for sex may have also gotten them into some trouble when it got them kicked off tour with KISS for banging KISS drummer Nic Carr’s girlfriend on his drum set. In his defense, it wasn’t all his fault, Nikki was there, too.

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Ozzy Osbourne

We’ve all seen what the affects of partying like a rockstar can do to the human body just by looking at Ozzy Osbourne. But not many other rockstars have partied harder than Ozzy Osbourne. It is said that in a bet with Nikki Six, Ozzy snorted a line of ants off the ground when they ran out of cocaine. Then he proceeded to pee on the remaining ants and lick it off the ground. Needless to say, he won that bet. He did lose though when he got arrested for peeing on the Alamo while in a dress, resulting in a ban from the city of San Antonio.


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Remember that scene from the Hangover where they wake up and there’s a tiger in their bathroom? Well, the lead guitarist for Guns N’ Roses actually did that. He bought a mountain lion on tour with him until it got loose in one of the hotel suites. When he wasn’t playing with exotic pets, he was having fun with his groupies. It is said that he rented out dozens of hotel rooms a night for groupies to wait for their turn in the rotation. Even more than exotics animals and women, he loved drugs. As the infamous  story goes, while high on heroine and cocaine, he thought he was being chased by “Predators with rubbery-looking dreadlocks chasing after him with machine guns and harpoons.” To escape, he punched through a glass door, used a maid as a human shield, and ran across a golf course, all while naked.


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Steven Tyler and Joe Perry

This duo became known as the “Toxic Twins” due to their love of drugs. While recording an album, they rented out a convent and loaded the place with drugs. So much drugs, that eventually, Jerry Garcia, the drug loving lead singer of the Grateful Dead, had to hold an intervention for them because even he thought they were getting out of control. Now that’s bad.


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David Lee Roth

Lead singer for Van Halen was all about the groupies. While on tour, he created an incentive program for his road crew call “Diamond Dave’s Bonus Program”. The purpose of this program was to find the hottest groupies for Dave to choose from. Every night, each member of the crew were given 5 backstage passes. Whoever handed out the pass to the woman that he slept with would receive $100. Sleeping with so many fans can be a dangerous game, so Diamond Dave insured his “Little Elvis” for $1 Million. Worth it.



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