Despite turning 67 years old this year, Alex Ovechkin says no to Life Alert

 Out of the past 8 seasons, Ovechkin has lead the NHL in goals earning the right to the trophy each season. It’s no secret, Ovechkin is getting older. Despite having the grey hair of Gandalf, Ovechkin continues to defy his elderly age and out perform those young whipper snappers.

” I get older and they stay the same age. I still score more goals.” Ovechkin

It would appear the Russian Machine has found the fountain of Youth, something the Capitals hope continues down the line this season.

” My old coach, Barry Trotz tried to put me in a nursing home when I turn 65. I tell him no, Russian machine never break. I go score 51 goals. I here, he on Long Island. Next question.” Ovechkin

When asked about his diet and any supplements, Ovechkin did not hold back on his regime.

” Every day I wake up and drink a gallon of Ensure. Ensure is good for strong bones. Russian machine need ensure.” Ovechkin

When asked about the 2019 season opener against the Blues, Ovechkin had some warming comments.

” I going to break those babies legs. They steal Lord Stanley from me. I 67 but I live until 167. I win cup 100 more times. I take cup back to Mother Russia.”

It’s going to be quite a season for the elderly Ovechkin as he looks to take Washington back to the post season for what hopes to be, another deep run at Mr. Stanley himself. Let’s go Caps!

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Written by Clarky