Can I get a MEOW!!!!. Will you look at that you hicks…. the kitties are now back in the hunt sitting at a momentous 2-2. The Texans suffered a massive allergy attack at home as Kuechely and the Kitty’s D pounced all over them. Two weeks ago, I was begging this franchise to tank and to tank with style in hopes to grab Tua. Yet, the times are a changing. A star is born and his name is Kyle Allen. Yes, he has an immense amount¬†to clean up in his game but the way this offense is thriving under him is kismet. His ball security reminds me of Billingsly in Friday Night Lights.

Maybe he’s been greasing up his palms with that special Bojangles sauce before each game… I know not. If he can hold onto the damn ball, this team could be scary. This past Sunday we beat a real team. The Texans are good at football. The cardinals were not. Is it to early to be booking my flight to Miami for Super bowl 52? Maybe, but I’m optimistic as shit right now.

Next up on the clawing board? The Jaguars. The Battle of the Cats baby.

Normally, I would not fear this Jacksonville squad. My¬†felines of Charlotte have a thunderous roar followed by a pounce second to none. Be that as it may, this Jag’s team has a new leader of the pack and he scares the shit out of me. Gardner Minshew. Man, it’s going to kill me on Sunday to be praying for his failure because this guy is the tits. The hair, it’s feathered and lethal like a young White Goodman. The mustache makes Ron Jeremy look like he had AIDS. The guy literally got Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite out of retirement. It’s impossible not to like this guy but on Sunday, all bets are off. My kitties are sick and the only cure is Jaguars blood.

If the offense clicks like I think it will, I’m projecting another W under Kyle Allen.

31-24 Kitty’s out claw the Jags.