For this week’s Game Day Cocktails, we’re gearing up to watch the Virginia Tech Hokies take on the University of Miami Hurricanes. You might be asking yourself, what the f@&k is a “hokie”? According to the Hokie Athletics site, the term Hokie was created by O.M. Stull when he created the “Old Hokie” Cheer.  Later, he explained that the term Hokie had no meaning and was simply a term he used as an attention grabber for his cheer. So if it has no meaning, what exactly is a Hokie Bird? Answer: it’s a Turkey.  A Hokie is a Turkey.

That’s not that interesting. But what is interesting is the Hokie’s favorite drink, the TOTS Rail. On paper, there is nothing good about this drink. The original recipe includes basically every well drink at the bar topped with every button on the soda fountain. Ordering this drink is like telling the bartender “screw it, just give me everything ya got.” This amount of liquor paired with this combo of mixers shouldn’t taste good, but for some reason, it just does. And therein lies the kicker.  The Rail may taste good but it’ll sneak up on you. Actually the only way to get more f’d up is if you actually sat on some train rails and waited for the train to hit you. Either way you’re gonna feel like you were hit by a train the next morning.

For our version of the Rail, we simplified the ingredients so you don’t need a whole bar or a soda gun. Don’t be fooled though, this recipe still has all the booze and flavor you need to black out on Game Day.


  • One Shot Bourbon
  • One Shot Whiskey
  • One Shot Vodka
  • One Shot Rum
  • Half Shot Triple Sec
  • 1 ounce Grenadine
  • Cranberry Juice
  • Sprite
  • Coca-Cola



  1. Pour all ingredients in a glass over ice.
  2. Lights Out

Cheers to Game Day!



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Silent Riot