North Carolina’s first victory came in 1783 at the Siege of Yorktown. It’s second taste of victory came in the early Autumn of 2019 as the Kitty’s of charlotte took down the sea Pirates of Tampa Bay 37-26.

All together now…. MEOW!!!!!! Can you believe it? The once written of kitty kats are now sitting pretty in the NFC at 4-2. I’d be lying to you if I thought this was plausible. I mean shit, I made tank for Tua shirts 3 weeks ago thinking we were toast. Yet, here we are 4 wins straight heading into the bye under Kyle Allen. I can’t wait for this week to be off. Get the boys some rest, some Bojangles in their system but most important….. panther Pete’s liver needs a rest.


Check out my video above and where I highlight the BIG things coming for this team.

SUPER BOWL here we come, meow!!!!