In case you have been living under a rock for the last month or forgot your password to Sunday ticket, the Pittsburgh Steelers are in a bad place. Now I’m not here to cut anyone some slack but truth be told we’ve (yes, I say we and consider myself part of the team) been dealt some shit luck. Mix that in with some incompetent coaching and you have a recipe that resembles a coke & mentos science project.



Lets travel back in time and review all that has transpired over the first 6 weeks of the season. The good, the bad, & and very ugly.

-Week 1, hopes are very high. Many analysts, myself included, predicted a big season for the Steelers who had participated in the 5th remake of the purge as we rid our souls of Antonio Brown & Le’Veon Bell. Pittsburgh opens up the season against the almighty Patriots on Sunday night football for all to see. Now its important to note that Belicheat being the monster, cheating, evil genius that he is, decides to sign public enemy #1 (a.k.a. AB) the day before were scheduled to play them. Needless to say, we get crushed. It is what it is, the patriots are good, shocker, so we lick our wounds and head back home.

-Week 2, the team is looking to get back on track. There is still much hope left in the city and we get the home opener at Heinz field. Fast forward to the 2nd quarter, Big Ben gets hurt. Money maker Mason comes in and does an admirable job but it turns out to be not enough. 0-2.

-Week 3, Steelers shit the bed. We find out Benjamin is gone for the year, morale is no longer high, but dwindling. We should have won but we don’t. We lose. 0-3.

-Week 4, Stee’s take the Bengals out back and give ‘em an old-fashioned ass whopping. I’m taking a beating so good you would think they stole something. Not all hope is lost but the future is still bleak due to the endless injuries. 1-3

-Week 5, Rat birds week. I’m not gonna say the zebras blew this game but I will say the referees absolutely blew this game. Rudolph gets hurt, were down to our 3rd string quarterback. Game goes to overtime, should have won (again) but we didn’t. Pretty much all outlook is darker than a black hole. Some fans consider a tank. 1-4

-Week 6, starting at QB for the Pittsburgh Steelers is an undrafted rookie out of the highly touted Samford college. Devlin “Duck” Hodges who is better known for his world championship duck calling then he is for slinging the pigskin. But of course, he shines and we win the game. Quack, Quack, Motherducker. 2-4



Looking ahead the Ler’s are on a bye this week with a chance to get some key players healthy. Most fans aren’t holding their breath for us making a run, but as the Biebs would sing, Never Say Never. Stay tuned as we take on the Dolphins in 2 weeks. Here We Go.