This past Saturday, I watched my Hokies for what would seem like eternity. It was supposed to be a nice autumn Saturday. Enjoy some Pumpkin Spice cold brew, have some fall themed Busch light’s and watch VT face off at 3:30 against UNC. Nothing beats a nice 3:30 Saturday game. 12 is far too early and 7:30 gears you up for a long night if you’re boozing. 3:30 is perfection. This is what I envisioned for my nice post collegiate Saturday. This is not what I got. What did I get? An anxiety ridden hell for 4 hours! This was literally the game that would not end. No amount of beers and shitty nachos could overcome the substantial amount of anxiety that riddled my body Saturday afternoon/evening. The game kicked off at 3:30 and concluded at 7:46 p.m with an ACC record breaking duration. In the end, I had 9 panic attacks but they were all worth risking my health as my Hokies triumphed 45-43. I won’t get into all the missed field goals or that the Hokies used 3 quarterbacks by the games end, you can check out the highlights here.

After the game and realized I just lost 4 hours and 18 minutes of my life… I began to ponder, what could I have accomplished in this time?

  • Jogged a half marathon (13.2 miles) with a 18:18 minute pace. 
  • Watched The Fellowship of the Ring and half of The Two Towers. 
  • Watch John Wick 1 and 2. This actually happened as it was on the other TV
  • Completed the SAT
  • Played 18 holes of golf
  • complete season 5 of Peaky Blinders
  • Drove through the state of Rhode Island 5.7 times. 
  • Watched “Everybody” Music video by the backstreet boys 43 times. 

You get the point, this game was as long as the cretaceous period. Are my Hokies back? You’re freaking A right they are. You’re next Notre Dame.

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Written by Clarky