Welcome back to another segment of Caps Cubicle and believe it or not, we are already 10 games into the NHL season. The Caps are looking at about as expected sitting a a 7-2-2 record, good for first in the Metro with those VILE Penguins on their tales. Honestly, the first 10 games of the season don’t mean shit as long as you don’t go 2-8. Every year either the Canadians or the Saber’s will come out ripping off 10 wins just to tank to the abyss of the NHL and all order is restored. In conclusion, the Caps are in a good place right now but for them to make some serious damage this year and return Lord Stanley to the nations capitals, there is an immense amount of shit they need to clean up. GOALTENDING.

The Good

  • John Carlson- Before I get into this, I am not suggesting John Carlson is on the same level as the great Bobby Orr.

    Big John is playing like the prince that was promised. He is literally leading the league in points as a defensemen with 18. That is, until McDavid nets 7 points tomorrow. John C is making a statement this year and if the NHL leaves him out of the Norris Trophy nomination again… I’m just going to throw sand bags at Bettman’s face. His 18 points are historically tied with Bobby Orr through 10 games. Yeah, John is good at hockey.

  • The Big 3- Ovechkin (10 points), Backstrom (9points) and Oshie (9 points) are united once more and  looking big, bad and bodacious like Kylie Jenner’s lips. I’m not sure why these three were every separated but they are clicking on all cylinders right now.

  • Kuzy– He’s averaging a point a game and has yet to snort any more narcotics up that vacuum of a nose he has. That’s a W. Keep it up birdman and stay off the blow.


The Bad

  • Dmitry Orlov- A highly talented offensive defenseman and when he is on his game, he’s a force to be reckoned with. That being said, I’m going to try and say this as nice as I know how. Off his game? Orlov is a piece of shit, gutter rat chasing his tail in the wind. -6 +/- Everyone thought Niskanan was the problem so we traded him away…… time to prove us wrong Orlov.

  • Holtby-  Goalie controversy in D.C.? It’s a bit early for that but the young Russian Red scare, Samsonov has looked much better than Holts thus far. It’s going to be very interesting to see how this whole things pans out with Holtby being up after this year and going to be able to command up to 10 mill AVV. I think Holt’s will pick it up just like he has in the past but if his slide continues, Samsonov could see an uptick in starts and it could force the GM to try and move Holtby before the trade deadline as it is inevitable he won’t be a Capital come July 1st unfortunately due to what he can command on the market. He’s been arguably the best goalie consistently the past 4 years, he deserves it.


The Ugly

  • Third PeriodTo put it politely, the Caps get butt plugged every night come third period. I get it, it’s the NHL, the best players in the world are buzzing on the ice and it’s tough to hold a lead. If the red rockets ( eh, that doesn’t work) want to make another run, they’ll need to play a full 60 minutes night in and night out. The Metro is the toughest division and every potential point is crucial.


Let’s go Caps! Stay tuned for Next weeks Cap’s cubicle.

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Written by Clarky