When it comes to drinking, no one does it better than the Irish. That’s why this week we’re excited to tailgate Notre Dame. No, we’re not talking about the whimpy one in France, we’re talking about the University of Notre Dame in Indiana. Even if you don’t watch college sports, chances are you’re probably very familiar with the school. Back in the 90s they made a movie about the inspiring story of their most notable alumni. Again, not talking about the bell ringing hunchback who taught us its ok to shoot out of your league. We mean Rudy Ruettiger, the five foot nothing walk on who against all odds finally got the chance to play and lined up off sides.  Rudy won our hearts and inspired us to keep fighting, so it’s no wonder we’re inspired to drink like the Fighting Irish.

With a name like the Fighting Irish, it’s no surprise that the University of Notre Dame has among the most National Championships. But how did they come to be known as the “Fighting Irish”? No one really knows. One theory is that it was inspired by the school’s third president, Rev. William Corby. He was chaplain of the group of Irish Immigrants who fought for the Union in the Civil War that became known as the Irish Brigade, coining the term “the Fighting Irish”. Another theory is that it came from a half time speech where one player turned to some other players and said ” What’s the matter with you guys? You’re all Irish and you’re not fighting worth a lick.” They came back in the second half and the news attributed the victory to the “Fighting Irish”.

Frankly, we don’t care why they’re called the Fighting Irish. We just know that when Game Day rolls around, we need to keep the fight going. What better way to do that than to sip on the Notre Day Pick Me Up. Tackle a few of these and you’ll become the tailgate hero, just like a drunk little Rudy.


  • One Shot Vodka
  • One Shot Triple Sec
  • One Shot Rum
  • Orange Juice
  • 1 Teaspoon Sugar
  • Ginger Ale


  1. Pour the vodka, triple sec, rum, orange juice, sugar in a glass over ice and stir
  2. Top with Ginger Ale

Cheers to Game Day!


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