In my previous article, Nightlight, I explained how a paranormal experience has forced me to sleep with a Night light in my room. When I say night light, I don’t mean like a set of LED high-beams on that douche-y car that’s riding your bumper. I just mean a little glow in the corner of the room that allows me to actually see what’s in the room. Any digital clock or cable box will do. Basically, if something is touching me, I need to be able to see what it is. At the very least, I just want to know I can walk from the bathroom to my bed without breaking my foot on something or tripping over some shit I left on the floor.

Since moving in with my girlfriend, that has all changed. She absolutely cannot sleep unless it is absolutely pitch black. That means an extra set of window shades to make sure no moonlight passes through the first set. That means cable boxes and clocks get covered and don’t even think about leaving a light on in another room as the light might shine under the door. If you can only see your hand if it’s an inch in front of your face, then chances are it’s still too bright and something needs to get covered.

Not quite my ideal situation, but relationships are all about compromise, right? Besides, I’m a mature adult who can sleep in the dark. Or so I thought. Turns out, I was only able to make it a few months before my first incident.

One night, while dead asleep, my girlfriend decided to rub her hand on my leg. Some nights I would consider this sensual, but in most cases, I would treat this as a regular sign of affection and continue sleeping like the little angel I am. Her intentions may have been innocent, but little did she know, at that moment I was in the middle of an intense nightmare.

I can’t remember exactly what was happening in that dream. All I can recall is that I was in a dark creepy house. The group of people I was with had just left after we had made sure the house was clear and I was to wait there until they returned with whatever we needed to defend the house against an impending threat. Don’t know who was threatening us, just knew it wasn’t good.

Well in that moment I was to be alone, something touched my leg. That something was my girlfriend. Her touch only half woke me up. That is to say, my body was awake, but my brain was very much still in that nightmare. Again, at the current point in my dream, I’m supposed to be alone. Confused, I reach down my leg to see what is touching my leg, only to find a hand. Startled, I turn to see who the hand belongs to, but that’s not an easy task on account of the room being pitch black. I try to adjust my eyes to Vin Diesel status in the movie Pitch Black, but all I can see is an arm and hand.

At this moment, I’m under the impression that whatever mysterious evil force that we were waiting for is finally here, and pretty frisky. In a total state of panic, I grab the hand as hard as I can and push it away from me in the hopes of keeping a safe distance. I try shuffling my body away in a motion that can only be compared to a seizure. I’m trapped in the bed and desperate to get away, but all I can seem to do is shout “WHO ARE YOU?!!”

Even more confused than I am, my girlfriend mutters “Are you ok?”

“What, I thought you left?” (obviously still dreaming)

“What? Where would I go? It’s 2 in the morning?

I grab my chest because it feels like I’m having a heart attack.

“What just happened?” she asked.

Covered in sweat and breathing way too heavy, “I don’t know. I think I was having a nightmare.” Now I’m completely awake and realize I am no longer dreaming, which means I now realize I was never in any real danger. All I can do is mutter, “I’m so embarrassed. This never happens.”

All she can do is laugh, but little does she know. It does happen. Quite frequently. I hope for her sake it doesn’t, but she still refuses to allow any type of light in the room, so if it does happen again, it’s her fault.


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