There’re few better feelings in this world then waking up the day after your favorite team’s victory. This is a feeling that my black & gold brethren have felt very little of this year. Lo and behold, Tuesday was that day. Now I know what your gonna say “iT wAs ThE mIaMi DoLpHinS”  *insert Spongebob meme. Yes, I am woke on meme culture but that’s besides the point.

A win is a win is a win is a win. And I’m not gonna let you or anyone else on the internet tell me otherwise. So far this season has felt as about as good as getting mauled by a pack of rabid raccoons, so excuse me if I enjoy one of the few victory mornings I have had so far season.

Now that all that is out of the way. Are the Steeler’s fo real – could they be kinda good or just bad and beating bad teams? Hear me out, we are currently 3-4, which puts us at 2nd in the AFC north – honestly not that shabby given all the shitty things that have happened to us and how bad we have played in recent weeks. But let’s take a deeper dive, the Ler’s have lost to the Patriots, Seahawks, 49ers, & Ratbirds in that order. Call me anything except late for dinner but those are some of the better teams in the NFL, combined they have an astonishing record of 26 wins and just 4 losses. That’s good for a winning percentage of 87% !!, which if you don’t know anything, just understand that its good, very good.

Now let’s dive even deeper into stats that fit my narrative. The Pats game, got killed, no excuse definitely should have lost. Seahawks game, Ben injury. Mason has to come in cold off the bench, given he played pretty well, it was a very close game and many people would probably argue that we should have even won. We didn’t but I’m playing Devil’s advocate here so stick with me. 49ers game, absolutely should have won this game. We dominate entire game, with back up QB, coaches have horrible game plan for offense but defense produces multiple turnovers we just can’t convert to anything besides field goals. We were winning the whole game, if it wasn’t for a few mistakes and James Conner’s fumble, we may have been the only reason the Niners aren’t undefeated. Moving on. Ratbirds game, Mason gets hurt and we are onto an undrafted QB who goes by the name of “Duck”, fast forward we almost end up winning. Zebras blow a roughing the passer call that forces the game to over time and Ju Ju fumbles our comeback chances away. Look I’m the last person to make excuses for the way this team has played, all I’m saying is if your gonna lose, and we have, those are teams you want to lose to and we played the majority of them very tough.

At the end of the day, record is all that matters in the NFL and we are 3-4. Not dead yet but critical games coming up and that will be very telling of how the rest of the season should go. Hang in there Yinzers I have a feeling this roller coaster is about to go off the rails.


Written by: Jonner Cones