If you watched Game 5 of the World Series on Sunday night, then you may have seen two women flash Houston pitcher Gerrit Cole on live TV. If you didn’t watch the game, then chances are you already Googled it to see the prime time nip slip.

In my opinion, baseball needs a few more nipple slips these days, but the league strongly disapproves of such behavior. Apparently, they were so upset that they banned these two mystery women from all major league baseball games for LIFE. That’s right, a sport that is struggling to fight declining audience numbers banned two people for life. A lifetime ban is a pretty big deal…well if you care about that type of stuff.

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So, who are these mystery women and was the lifetime ban really worth it?

These mystery women weren’t as mysterious as you would think. In fact, they were actually quite open about their identity, posting selfies from the police station bathroom they were taken to after being escorted from the stadium. The two women were Julia Rose and Lauren Summer. No, they weren’t just two Instagram models who started feeling frisky after drinking one too many. I mean, they were definitely models, but it wasn’t spontaneous. Believe it or not, they had it planned for over a year as part of a campaign to promote their new site “Shagmag”.

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According to Julia Rose, the founder of the site, they did it to raise awareness for breast cancer saying “we thought, what better way to promote [breast cancer]…than show off our tatas”. Now that’s a cause we can certainly get behind. But did it work?

You bet your tits it did. Since the flashing incident, the Instagram page has earned over a hundred thousand new followers and the site has generated about $10,000 in new subscriptions. According to Julia Rose, the money raised would go to breast cancer victims.

Now, what exactly is Shagmag? Boy am I glad you asked. Shagmag is Julia Rose’s new site which is considered to be a “millennial version of Playboy”. Imagine a digital magazine that is a hodgepodge of entertaining articles, news, and women bearing all, including of course Julia Rose, Lauren Summer, and an endless list of their friends. It’s exactly the type of thing Baseball needs right now, and for a $15 a month, you too can become a subscriber.

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It may come as no surprise that this is not the first time Julia Rose has used public nudity to promote her site. Fortunately for us, she does this quite often and said we can certainly look forward to her exposing herself in public in the near future. Where exactly? Well, she doesn’t want to ruin the surprise.

Of course, the two women have criticized their lifetime ban claiming it to be a double standard. If we can see players run around the field and male fans show up to games topless with body paint, then why can’t we see a female nip or two? They are not alone either. Many fans took to the internet to support their cause.

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But what do you think? Is it a double standard and was the MLB right for dishing out a lifetime ban?

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