They say podcasts are the future and let me tell you, the future looks bright as shit! Fancying myself a writer, a novelist if you will, I’ve never quite conformed to the podcast game. Call me old fashioned, call me a shitty Ernest Hemingway stuck in his ways but don’t call me someone lacking culture. I became culturally aware this weekend like a young Kanye and had my life changed. I opened my legs to the podcast life and guess what? It impregnated me with a set of quadruplets. That’s right bitches, I’m now a pod guy and it feels frigging exhilarating. I went deep Down the rabbit hole, nothing was off limits. I even listened to a podcast that’s sole purpose is to find out who murdered Avril Lavigne. She’s not even dead but evidently a cult of people thinks otherwise. Some real-life true detective shit. Sadness overcame me as no one, I mean no one rocks harder than that girl, except maybe Evanescence.

Anyways, I stumbled upon a damn gold mine while gallivanting through Spotify like a child who just discovered you could download “videos” on lime wire. Free Parking Pod. By the white beard of Zeus these guys frickin get it. Keeping me on the edge of my cubicle while I provide below average customer service to my clients day in and out. These guys know sports like its the back of their meat stick. If I want to know what’s going on in the sports world or when another NFL player gets suspended, all I have to do is glance at their Instagram story and I’m up to date. Step aside Schefty, your reign is over.

The pod is a northeastern based fellowship of 9 ( that part may be fictional but can’t pass up a Lord of The Rings reference) who hail from the lands of Philadelphia. I know, throw up in my mouth Philly, but hear me out they speak to you like a young Leonardo da Vinci. It’s about time Philly produced something noteworthy instead of those under-performing Flyers. I won’t bend your ear tubes much longer but long and short of it, these guys are good. Well, if you can’t beat em….. you join em. That’s why we Jockeys are thrilled to announce our official partnership with Free Parking Pod! With our cubicle based satire and their wide range of sports content, professional videos and ankle spanking comedy, we feel the sky is the limit. ( circa Lil Wayne)

Check out all their satirical Pods and website here! Use code FPP for 20% off our entire store.

Let’s break the internet, Kim Kardashian style.