A few years back, I never would have pondered at the thought of owning and operating my own blog. The thought of a responsibility so vast scared the shit out of me. The spark was invoked one autumn night, where I drank too much German Lager at an Octoberfest just to pass out at 8 pm. I woke up in a panicked, where the hell am I? If you’ve ever had a day drinking bender, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Half awake, I plunged my head into the sink and ran the Luke warm water into my gullet to attempt to prevent the forthcoming that was a ferocious hangover. I took a quick look at my phone to check the final score of my beloved Capitals and how they faired against the Flyers. 8-1, my Caps got obliterated. Dark thoughts ran through my head which included but not limited to an all-out furry, rage and Hulk like an anger. I thought to myself, someone get me fracking keyboard, I have a lot to say!

I scrolled through a few Capital based blogs to get some further opinions and bleh, no passion and pure sugar code. No one was saying what needed to be said… that the Cap’s played like a worthless pile of dog shit. Then it hit me like a bag of sandpaper dildo’s. Why am I reading other people’s mediocre and filtered crap, when I could be writing my own?

The next day over a cup of joe, two likeminded individuals and myself formed the idea Office Jockeys. It’s been the most rewarding year of my life in terms of self-growth and it’s been a learning curve each day. What captures people, what captivates the audience and obviously, what doesn’t. It’s been officially one year since we started this cubicle movement and I couldn’t be prouder and more eager for what the future has for us Jockeys as we continue providing content for our cubicle mates worldwide.

This year hasn’t been all bananas and pajamas. Trying to run a business is freaking hard. Outlandish ideas you draw up in your head, believing whole heartily, they’ll be successful, don’t always work out. No success comes without ounces or gallons of failure, which a has been something hard to grasp but we’re learning.

Below are a few things we’ve learned along the way.

1. Time

Holy balls, the amount of time you are going to have to dedicate to your dream is endless. Being it is your dream, you’re never really off the clock. Weather it’s a full-time gig or you’re doing this on your lunch break, poop break or typing articles at the bar like we do, it consumes a vast amount of your time. If it’s your dream, put in that time and it will pay off.

2. Money

The statement is true, scared money don’t make no money. (circa young Jeezy) God I hate myself for quoting a shifty wrap song from 2009 but it speaks volume. In order to gain capital in this world, you need to fork out some. You’re not going to see an instant return right away and any money you do see, is going right back into merchandise, web maintenance, advertisements and if you have them, employees.

3. Friends

This has probably been the hardest pill for me to shove up my butt this past year. When you take such a large leap such as starting your own business, you often feel you’ll get the endless support of your friends. I’m not saying that’s not the case, but you will learn you can’t solely rely on your friends. You’ll have people you consider close not purchase anything from your store, not like your social media posts, page, videos and even worse, in some cases, talk shit about it.

” I give it 6 months.”

Thank you for your input. I give it 6 months until you have bird flu.

” What are you guys trying to be? another barstool.”

No, we’re Office Jockeys.

” You still doing Office Jockeys? How’s that going? Do you guys even make any money?”

Yes. Good. Yes.

Why is it, a large amount of society is geared towards the thought of other peoples failure?It would be a lie if I told you, these snide remarks don’t get to me when I hear them directly or through friends. It’s sad but people thrive on it in todays world but you can’t let that get to you and perseverance is a must.

Truthfully, this has been the toughest aspect of this journey thus far but we have been beyond blessed with parades of support, family, friends and like minded Jockeys across the globe. Moral of the story, don’t take it personally.

4. Morale

If you own a business solely by our self, god bless you. If you operate one with multiple people, morale is key to keep everyone motivated and working towards a common goal. With anything, there is ups and downs and to be honest, there can be more downs when trying to obtain something greater for yourself.

It’s been a whirlwind of a year, where some days I think to myself, “why the hell am I doing this?”

Why am I spending my mid 20’s working on advertisings or editing product pictures when I could be at the bar like most people my age (not to say I don’t venture to the bar ). Each week, the negative thoughts will arise but you’ve got to push that shit out of your head and keep pushing on.  I promise you the reward and the positives that come outweigh any negative thought. The positives win every f****ng time. If it’s truly your dream and your passion, pursue the shit out of it. Pursue it until it becomes a reality.

5. The Reward

With all the turmoil, stress and long hours, what comes of your hard work is just the journey to the end goal. Weather it’s working for yourself, trying to make a better life for your family or just chasing your dream, It’s the most rewarding feeling. Just remember, Lilly Pulitzer didn’t become a success over night, Barstool wasn’t a success in a year. These things take times and in the words of the Chicago cubs in 2016, trust the damn process. Keep on keeping on and when you can, support a small business, even if it means something as simple as likening a social media post.

Here’s to small business and the future!

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Written by Clarky