dooms day




I just received the news that my favorite restaurant with a taste as fresh as  south of the border is closing its doors this Saturday. Shut like the mines of Moria. To assume I am upset would be an easily perceived assumption. However, upset doesn’t do any justice. There are no words to express the lividness that runs through my marrow. For those of you who inhabit the greater areas of Saint Petersburg, you know what I’m talking about.

We’re known for 3 things here; Hippies, First Friday and Burrito Border. One of the Burg’s sturdy pillars is now being stripped away from us and no one is doing anything about it! This is absolute donkey shit. Burrito Border has the best contraction of cheap food with the heritage of our southern neighbors. Have you ever had the pleasure of eating a Macho Nacho? It’s orgasmic. It’s a shit ton of tortillas chips fried crisp, thrown into a basket filled to the brim with whatever the f**k you want. The hot sauces which I often have stolen are second to none. The Taco’s make Moes look like they have AIDS. Don’t even get me friggin started on the customer service. It’s like being greeted at the four seasons and being showered with rubies and jewels. I became closer to the cashier than my own kin. He knew what I wanted every time, Macho Nacho with spicy chicken with guac, queso and all the trimmings.

” 3 times this weekend man. Pretty soon you’re not going to be able to fit through the door.”

It’s truly a onimus day. Saturday, aka doomsday, they are shutting the doors at 2 a.m. From dusk to dawn, I’ll be firmly planted in their barstools eating $2 tacos and 1$ bud latte’s until they wheel barrel me out of there. Thank you Burrito Border for creating something so special and so true to my heart. If you love something, you set it free but I’m not, nor is the world ready to see you go.

My heart mourns but my digestive system is singing praises to the heavens. Until we meet again, old friend.

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Written by Clarky