Ahhh victory week, we meet again. A great feeling, one that Steelers fan are all too familiar with, besides this season. But nay, I shall keep my expectations in check for now because it is only a matter of time before my heart is ripped open again. Sure these last few weeks have given me extreme hope for the future but I refuse to recklessly dive head first into this relationship of hope without setting a few ground rules first.

So here we are stuck with the ultimate question, are the Steelers good? Sure we have all the excuses in the world but this 3 game win streak has me feeling some type of way. Let’s take a peak into the coming weeks to determine our answer.

Week 10: vs. Rams

Week 11: @Cleveland

Week 12: @Cincinnatti

Week 13: vs. Cleveland

Week 14: @Arizona

Week 15: vs. Bills

Week 16: @New York Jets

Week 17: @Ravens

Since I’m no longer an optimist, lets say we lose to the Rams, split the Cleveland games and beat Cincy. That puts us at 6-6 with 4 games in the season left. Looking around the league, the AFC stinks this year and its pretty realistic to say that a 9-7 final record will very much be in the hunt for both wild card spots. So, even if we beat Arizona (very doable), lose to the Bills (toss up, but I’m cautious here), and then beat the Jets (again, very doable) that puts us in the mix. That would leave us at 8 wins and 7 losses going into the final game of the season. All you really want in the NFL is a chance to control your own destiny, so if your telling me the Lers can have a potential do or die game for the season finale, I take that every day of the week and twice on Sundays. Sure, there is nothing more the Ratbirds would like to do than ruin our chances for a playoff spot, but it is also very likely that they won’t be playing for much and could even sit their starters for a portion of the game.

Look I’m not saying its gonna happen, ESPN currently has our playoff odds at a measly 33%. All I’m saying is its not out of the question. With a few things going our way and the AFC continuing to beat each other up, there’s a chance. And it could all come down to the Baltimore Ravens game on the final day of the season. Sound familiar? Hang in there Steelers fans, its gonna be a bumpy ride.