Top of the morning Jockeys and happy Monday. By now, you are probably pooping out that Sunday Fun day hangover and just getting to your endless parade of emails. In hopes to help alleviate your horrific Monday that looms ahead, allow us to introduce our newest series, the Customer Service Chronicles. For those of you who are unlucky enough to work in trenches of customer service, you know how brutal the day to day can be. From irate clients, enraged email bullies to egotistical dick wads…. customer service Representative’s are the punching bag and the clients are Mike Tyson. The grounds from which make customer service so dreadful is simple; people f****ng suck. It’s downright dejecting but it’s the truth these days, people can be horrible.

That being said, be sure to stay tuned each week to get a slice of customer service pie.


This weeks gong show was submitted anymously. You can submit anything and we will keep it completely secret, unless you want the glory like the little attention slut you are. Any-hoo, check out this weeks submission. This was supposidly a vociemail left for this poor, poor Jockey in the heart of customer service.


” Hello, this is F******** Co***n! I’m done with you guys! This is the last time. I sent you an email, I want a call back, I want your contact information for who handles your legal department! You guys are going to be serving Ice cream at Baskin Robbins When I’m done with you! This is F**ing ridiculous” – Angry Client

Good lord, people really suck these days. I don’t know the origins of this guys pure anger but what the hell does he have against Baskin Robbins? Shit’s delicious. I guess that’s just the 31 flavors of anger.

Stay tuned for next weeks segment of the customer service chronicles.


The Temp