Another week, Another dollar. What better way to procrastinate through the day than reading about the misfortunes of working in the customer service business? Missed last weeks segment? Catch up right here.

This weeks tragedy was submitted anonymously. Although I don’t know the identify behind this poor soul, I wish them the best as the email you’re about to read may have been crafted by the damn devil himself.



“Do not wait to read this!  We have had to endure postponing some of our  work because YOUR work is still not done. We have been inundated with having to do all the work.  Every time spent with you is rushed and what is discussed and agreed is not translated. Anyone can take notes and enter them into a computer like a trained monkey which is what evidently you are!  Over the last three weeks it has been hard to maintain a clean home on a day to day basis. This is unacceptable! we have not heard from you at all. Not even 1 call to check on progress. How about a visit? No! We have been doing it all for you! When you do come, bring your paycheck with you, although I am sure it’s not very much. We deserve it as you are clearly incompetent. Matter of fact, reply with your manager’s contact so we can get some real help.”

Well kiss my ass and call me sally, someone woke up on the wrong side of the f***ng bed. Sheesh. No, I don’t know the origins of the backstory here and maybe there was some shitty customer service at play but imagine being in such exasperation you draft that email up, review it and then thinking to yourself… yeah, this will get the ball rolling.

God, people suck man. To whoever you are out there, stay strong brother or sister… there’s a world full of assholes out there but the Jockeys are always here for you. Stay tuned for next weeks segment.

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