Before we dive into the realm of the rabbit hole surrounding this whole scenario… I’d like to start out by stating, this is by no means a political based article. We at Office Jockeys rarely ever dive down the slippery slope of politics and don’t intend to start now. This article is merely to shed light on some events that transpired, that I think both sides can agree, has some shady light cast upon it. That being said, it’s time to belly flop off that diving board and into the heart of the sea.

On August 10th, 2019, Jefferey Epstein allegedly took his own life by hanging. By now, I am sure most of you know the cloud of controversy surrounding this perfect timed suicide. To put it politely, Epstein was a sack of shit and a charged pedophile. Epstein deserved to die but not before he took the stand to hold the rest of the high profiled members accountable. It’s truly sad, these victims may never get their day in court due to his “suicide.”

When this first broke the internet, thousands of #epsteindidntkillhimself went viral. Colossal’ s of doubt hovered over the media as the apparent suicide was just timed all too well for certain individuals. You can do some research on who was allegedly is mentioned as I don’t want to dive too deep into that. I’m no conspiracist. The only thing hiding behind area 51 was probably Mark Zuckerberg’s family. However, this case really does raise an eyebrow. Between the suicide watch, the guards, possibility of cameras not working, autopsy report stating it appeared to be force as opposed to hanging.

A compelling argument can be made that this was a staged murder by higher ups. This got me thinking…. This is some real-life True Detective shit. If you’ve yet to see this show, do yourself a favor and watch season 1. The basis of this show is based on a pedophile ring that higher ups in the state of Louisiana know about and may be involved in themselves. Sound familiar?


There’s even one scene where an inmate just accused of murder tries to make a plea deal stating he knows about “Big people” who are involved in this pedophile ring. (skip to second 3:28)

Hours later, the inmate supposedly commits suicide, the cameras sound not working, the guards were not the normal guards (one guard was apart of the cover up) etc. Sound familiar? (Skip to second 52)

None of us regular people really know what may have transpired but hopefully, some sort of justice is brought for these victims and their families and hopefully the truth will be exposed. Until then, keep the Epstein hashtags going.