Live PD is by far the most exciting show on TV.  If for some reason you’re not familiar with the show, basically every Friday and Saturday night, Live PD camera crews follow real cops from 12 police departments across the U.S.  The fact that it comes in live means ANYTHING can happen. One night can be action packed with endless drug busts and high speed chases. Other nights can be extremely slow with false alarms and minimal traffic stops. Sure, night’s like these give you hope that our society is safe, but that’s boring. We crave the excitement and that’s exactly why we tune in every week, but it’s time we start taking an active role in the excitement. Whether the police in these 12 departments are dealing with law abiding citizens or rioting mobs of meth heads, the drinking game below is sure to keep things interesting.

Just a heads up, the game you are about to play gets pretty intense.


The Rules

  • Dan Abrams says “We’re live in 12 departments” – Drink
  • Dan Abrams says “We’re gonna keep a close eye on this” – Drink
  • Dan Abrams makes a bad joke – Drink
  • Cop says “Got anything sharp in your pockets that’s gonna stick me or piss me off” – Drink
  • Cops search car – drink
  • Cops find drugs – drink
  • Cops find weapons – Finish your beer
  • Foot Pursuit – drink
  • Car Chase – Finish your beer
  • Suspect resisting arrest – drink
  • Suspect tased – Finish your beer
  • Suspect handcuffed – drink
  • Suspect has warrants – drink
  • Someone shouts “Yo what’s up Live PD” – drink
  • Sgt. Puppers / K9 search conducted – drink
  • Sgt. Puppers / K9 released on suspect – Finish your beer
  • See someone you know – Finish your beer

Automatic Win: End up on Live PD after playing this game.


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Silent Riot