Black Friday is upon us which means two things, chaos and an abundance of money we don’t have will be spent. This time of the year is a glorious time for all us “consumers.” Eat far too much turkey, drink for too much beer and spend the rest of the day online shopping while watching that dinosaur Jerry Jones flash that evil smile of his.

With the festivities right around the corner, we at Office Jockeys are running our Black Friday sale starting now and the party doesn’t stop until Next Wednesday! Get you’re UBERS ready because we’re about to get you fricked up on some fresh and freaky black Friday deals! It’s a fire sale and the flames are burning higher than Snoop Dogs cat. Check out all our deals below!

Spend $30 and get a free 24  oz Tervis Tumbler (Normally $19.99) Tervis will be shipped with your items. Free shipping.


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$24.99 The Carbo Load Ugly Sweater The winter chill has finally arrived and it’s ugly sweater season. Hit the eggnog hard this season with our favorite motto, The Diet Starts Tomorrow. This statement isn’t just a middle finger to the KETO movement… nay, it’s a way of life. Perfect for stuffing that tummy with too much food and booze.



$19.99 The Super Size It. Made with 100% Polyester ( The Dri-Fit stuff) these bad boys are made with the good stuff. You can workout in them, play leap frog or just skip the gym entirely and spend the day at CiCi’s pizzeria. Whatever tickles your pickle

$19.99 The Tanking HURTS. Rough times in Miami but brighter horizons are ahead as the Dolphins continue to plunge towards the abyss of the NFL in hopes to secure the number one overall pick. Jalen Hurts sure would look good in Orange.


$19.99 The Free Ride. November is upon us and you know what that means…. it’s mustache time. Throughout the scrolls of history, many men have dared to rock the iconic look of the hairy upper lip eyebrow. Many try, few succeed. Whether you have a full blown Ron Swanson or a fuzzy peach jubilee, this Dri-Fit PSA is screaming to be worn all November. Snag one while supplies last and help spread awareness for Men’s prostate Cancer.

$19.99 The Tank For TUA. Is Carolina tanking for TUA? God I sure hope so. Rock the colors of charlotte while hoping for the much needed tank for a new QB this upcoming Spring. #Keep Pounding Panther Nation

$19.99 The Ringer. Tan on the inside, Navy on the outside. Perfect for all day activities. Shirt fits standard with a bit more wiggle room for that extra beer.

$19.99 The Fresh Snap of Belair Weather you have a full flow of lettuce or rocking the Mr. Clean, this summer hat is the best way to beat the heat. Will this hat get you lucky? Doubtful but it can’t hurt your chances. Like the Prince himself, this 90’s themed snap keeps it freaky freaky fresh!

The Diet Starts Tomorrow

$ 19.99 The official Diet Starts Tomorrow Tank. With the slimming color of black and a looser fit, crushing beers and wings never felt better. This Tank isn’t just a fashion statement, it’s a lifestyle, nay a middle finger to society. Why? Because the Diet Starts Tomorrow

$19.99 The Go- To. Feast your eyes upon the “Go-To.” Perfect for any scenario. With a loser fit, those beer bellies have endless amounts of room for ensured comfort. Literally you can wear it anywhere.

$19.99 The Booze Hound. Perfect for long day booze sessions, happy hours and river boat gambling trips. Essentially, the shirt was designed for good times and bad decisions. These Comfort color tanks have a regular fit with a little more wiggle room for that extra Bud Latte.

$19.99 The Never Bunt. Perfect for brown bagging Budweiser’s and polishing off hot dogs at the local youth Tee-ball field. Fit’s standard with a little more wiggle room in the torso area for that extra bud Latte.

$19.99 The Park Rat. Live life like a true park rat. Drink on the roof, smoke lung darts by the above ground pool and drink the juice of San Carlos, she always goes down smooth

$19.99 The Namaste. Namaste and finish this beer. Namaste and skip work Namaste and finish this burger. Whatever your Namaste is, you’ll find it in this super comfy statement tank top. Relaxation and cold drinks is what this tank is all about.