You may have seen the following meme circulating on social media that announces women can now go topless in 6 states.

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Sure it’s hilarious, but is it true? The Answer: Yes.

A recent lawsuit in the 10th circuit was won after Fort Collins (having already spent over $300,000) decided to give the fight and stop defending their ordinance and repeal it. This repeal essentially gives females of all ages the right to go topless wherever males can in the jurisdiction of the 10th circuit. This jurisdiction includes Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas, and Oklahoma.

The lawsuit was a major victory for the “Free the Nipple” movement, a global campaign that advocates for women’s rights to choose how they display their body. Their main argument is that these laws are based on “negative stereotypes depicting women’s breasts, but not men’s breasts, as sex objects.” Also, it is the movement’s stance that any law that says “‘Women are prohibited from’ is unconstitutional and really just intollerable in a society that should treat women as equals to men.”

Good news for us, this isn’t the first district that has gone topless. Believe it or not, a majority of the states and Canada have now made it legal for women to go topless. Of course, some cities or towns within each state have passed ordinances that make it illegal, but many people claim these ordinances are unconstitutional.

Feeling trapped and want to break your nipple free? Below is a map of states that have freed the nipple (courtesy of

Green states are free nipple states.

Orange states have ambiguous laws on nipples.

Red states consider exposing a female nipple in public as an illegal act.

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