It’s no surprise that professional sports franchises are major cash cows. Over the last few years, the value of these franchises have skyrocketed and aren’t showing any signs of slowing down. This increasing value is in part due to growing media rights deals and more owner friendly bargaining agreements that restrain players costs.

Each year, Forbes publishes an in depth list of the top 50 sports franchises in the world based on enterprise values (equity plus debt). This year’s list has been dominated by the NFL with more than half of the 50 slots. The top 10 is spread pretty evenly across NFL, MLB, NBA, and Soccer. You can probably guess which teams are on this list since their brands have become a part of pop culture.

10. (tie) Los Angeles Dodgers – $3.3 Billion

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10. (tie) New York Giants – $3.3 Billion

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9. Golden State Warriors – $3.5 Billion

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8. Los Angeles Lakers – $3.7 Billion

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7. New England Patriots – $3.8 Billion

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6. Manchester United – $3.81 Billion

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5. New York Knicks – $4 Billion

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4. Barcelona – $4.02 Billion

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3. Real Madrid – $4.24 Billion

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2. New York Yankees – $4.6 Billion

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1. Dallas Cowboys – $5 Billion

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