Everyday you wake up early just to go to work and bust your hump. Ok, so what if you jerked around at work all day. You still woke up early, which means you earned that paycheck. Sure there’s plenty of bills to pay, but you deserve a little treat. How about your favorite snack: Cheese. That’s right, nothing feels more rewarding after a long hard week than a nice brick of cheese. We’re not talking about Cheez-wiz or Velveeta. If you really want to go all out on yourself, try some of the cheeses below donned the most expensive in the world.


5. Extra Old Bitto ($150 per pound)

Although this cheese is named after a river in Italy where it was originally produced, the Bitto cheese is primarily found in China. This mixture of Swedish brown cow and Orbic goat’s milk is aged for ten years making it incredibly rare. The rarest of the bunch was purchased by a Hong Kong importer in 1997 and is primarily selling it to Chinese citizens.

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4. Wyke Farms Cheddar ($200 per pound)

Wyke Farms Cheddar is known as one of the more traditional cheeses but clearly stands above the rest in regards to quality and taste. This cheddar cheese has been manufactured at their family farm in Somerset, Great Britain, since the 1860s. It typically takes a year for the cheese to reach its full potential and its infusion with French truffle and gold leaf gives it a tangy taste.

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3. White Stilton Gold ($420 per pound)

Just like the name indicates, this holiday exclusive product is actually made with real gold. Various fruits such as apricots, ginger, and lemon are also used during the production process giving this soft white cheese a creamy texture and tangy taste. Only six creameries in Britain have permission to make this cheese which makes it pretty rare, and paired with the gold, pretty pricey.

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2. Moose Cheese ($455 per pound)

Who knew you could milk a moose? Well apparently, you can and their milk makes some damn good cheese. This cheese is made from three domesticated moose (moose/meese/moosen?) named Gullan, Haelga, and Juna. Curious to try? To do so you’ll have to visit the Elk House in Bjursholm, Sweden, the only place in the world that makes moose cheese. Any one up for a trip?

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1. Pule ($600 per pound)

Dubbed the most expensive cheese in the world, this crumbly cheese is not even available for commercial markets. In fact, every batch must be made on request and requires a ton of time and labor to create. Each batch is made by Slobodan Simic on his farm in Serbia and requires 25 liters of Balkan Donkey milk just to make one kg. If the rarity isn’t enough, this cheese is even considered to have health benefits that strengthen our immune system, which makes it even more valuable. So you mean to tell me, I can eat this cheese and it improves my health? Yes, please.

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