We all know that there’s a ton of money to go around in pro sports with sports franchises paying their top talent absurd amounts of money. But what about the commentators and analysts we watch week after week that break down what we see on the field and make predictions for the next week. Do they get the same love? When it comes to sports, everyone and their mother has an opinion, so do they even deserve a large pay check? Well, the networks view some of these TV personalities as their top talent and they pay them accordingly. Here’s a list of the top ten highest paid Sportcasters.

10. Dan Patrick – $5 Million

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Host of the Dan Patrick and senior writer at Sports Illustrated, he has an estimated Net worth of $25 million, with an annual salary of $5 million.

9. Skip Bayles – $5.5 Million

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Host of the show “Undisputed” on FS1, Skip Bayles recently signed a four year contract with Fox Sports worth $5.5 million a year plus a signing bonus for $4 million.

8. Colin Cowherd – $6 Million

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Host of FS1’s top rated program, “The Herd with Colin Cowherd”, Colin Cowherd signed a contract with Fox Sports back in 2015 for $6 Million a year.

7. Joe Buck – $6 Million

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At the age of 25, Joe Buck became the youngest announcer to call a National Football League game on National Television. Since then he has become widely known for his work on Fox Sports, calling games for the MLB and NFL, including the World Series. Most fans hate Joe Buck, but apparently FOX likes him enough to pay him $6 Million a year.

6. Al Michaels – $6 Million

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Al Michaels is primarily known for his three decades of calling play-by-play of National Football Games. This tenure includes two decades of Monday Night Football with ABC and a decade of Sunday Night Football with NBC. His career also includes notable games such as the Miracle on Ice at the 1980 Winter Olympics and the earthquake interrupted game 3 of the 1989 World Series. His experience earns him a pretty nice salary of $6 million a year.

5. Mike Greenberg – $6.5 Million

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An ESPN veteran, Mike Greenberg is host of the morning show “Get Up” and previously the radio show Mike & Mike, along with other various roles. His current show isn’t doing well but at the moment ESPN values him at $6.5 Million a year.

4. Jim Nantz – $7 Million

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Jim Nantz’s 30 plus years with CBS has granted him a ton of experience calling the play-by-play for NFL, NCAA Basketball, and the PGA tour. As CBS’ top guy, he brings in $7 Million a year.

3. Bob Costas – $7 Million

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With over 30 years experience, Bob Costas is a veteran at NBC Sports. During his time there, he’s anounced the play-by-play for just about every sport including boxing, professional football and baseball, NASCAR, and 11 Olympic Games. Having such a wide skillset makes it pretty easy to justify his $7 million annual salary.

2. Stephen A. Smith – $10 Million

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The host of ESPN’s “First Take” is currently in negotiations with ESPN for a contract extension that will be an estimated $10 million a year, making him ESPN’s highest paid commentator.

1. Jim Rome – $30 Million

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Former host of ESPN’s “Jim Rome is Burning” show, and current host of the radio show “The Jim Rome show”, Jim Rome top this list far exceeding all other sports commentators. In 2017, he signed a long term contract with CBS which would pay him a whopping $30 Million a year.


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