Think of the word work and what it means. According to this phenomenon rightfully called the internet, work is defined as “activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result.”

Just think about that statement. Our careers, jobs and dreams of making a successful living all require physical or mental strain that can effect the quality of our life. In the end, there is no way around this, that’s why it’s called work. You don’t hear people rolling out of bed Monday morning exuberant proclaiming “ Yes, I get to go to Fun camp today where life is bananas and pajamas!” Nay, the negative demeanor plays the same tune every dreadful Monday morning, work is calling. Before we dive too far into this realm of negativity, I am extremely happy to be employed. Many people my age #club 26, are still trying to find a job regardless of their collegiate alcoates. So if you are employed, be thankful. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t all complain about how stressful and shitty the life of being a full time corporate monkey can be.

With each career, comes a different level of stress. Unless, that is  you work for some startup company in California where the work day ends at 11:30 a.m. and everyone drinks west coast IPA’s until the sun goes down, this article is not for you. You have no stress and the rest of the world envies you. For the rest of the working world, this mini series is for you. For the next 5 weeks, I will be power ranking the most stressful jobs on the market. Yes, I know everyone believes their job is the most stressful so pardon me if you’re prestigious job title does not make the cut.


     Service Industry

My mother always said growing up, everyone should work in the restaurant industry at least once. Well, my mother got me good as I obeyed her command and was enslaved to the restaurant life for 3 years. For starters, those in the industry, I tip the cap to you. It takes a special person to consistently work in this zoo like atmosphere. Something is always f****ng wrong. Not once did I work a day where I left and thought to myself, today went smooth and as expected. It is fast paced, intense and not for the weak hearted. I worked at a country club in my college days doing anything from bussing tables, expo to pouring overpriced wine for snotty nosed elders who’d always say “ Hey boy, don’t get stingy on that pour!” Oh, yes sir Mr. Jasper, I would hate for you not to have enough Kendal Jackson in your 7th glass of wine.

Working in the restaurant industry will test your faith in humanity, will bring your level of stress to an unknown and an anguish in you will be burning the entire time. Be that as it may, all of those emptions will be masked under a soothing, friendly voice and a million dollar smile because the customer doesn’t give a shit how you’re feeling, they are there for one thing; the experience. Best part about the hospitality industry? Everyone of your co workers is going through the exact same shit storm meaning when work is over you can all drink your worries away and talk about quitting but knowing deep down, you never will.

Check out the Pro’s and Con’s below.



  • Tips- You may have sold your soul to the devil working in this induistry but you can make some serious money.
  • Hours- sure, you will never have the standrard 8-5 but with shifts like a 3-11, you have the opportunity to go out the night before and sleep away your hangover, unlike a wall street pencil pusher
  • Co- workers- Being most of your time working is under extreme stress, you will use that horrific fuel and bond with your co workers who are experiencing the same, sad saga.
  • Free meals- Working in this industry, I gained 20 pounds. There is always extra fries, cheese sticks and hot dogs. Ask how many restaurant employees are on the KETO diet? None.  
  • Cons 


  • Your job is based on serving people- people suck. Serving people sucks. You will never escape shitty people in this industry. You will meet monsters. They will test you. You must prevail.
  • Weekends: Except for the late night bar surge at midnight, you can kiss your weekends goodbye.
  • Holidays- Enjoy having the holidays off? This industry is not for you.
  • Morale- If you’re not to careful, working in this industry can make you cynical. So much negativity is happening around you, it can consume you. Irate customers, misguided management and slow orders can make you lose your shit. Breathe. It wont get nay better but you’re off in 3 hours just to do it all over again tomorrow.

Written by Clarky