It seems just like yesterday, we we’re all praising the second coming that was Kyle Allen as the Cats stood tall at 5-3 in a feisty race for a wild card spot. A long and gruesome  6 weeks later, the Panther sit at last in the NFC South at 5-9. How the turns tables. Sure, the Panthers lost 4 of those games by failing to complete on the goal line as time expired. (Bucs, Packers, Saints and Redskins) However, I’m sick of the excuses because this team stinks and I am tired of hearing otherwise.

A season record breaking running back wasted.

A season of  Kuechely in his prime wasted.

A hall of fame Tight end at the tail end of his career… wasted.

The only thing the Panthers did successfully this season besides feed the ball to CMC 69% of the time was firing it’s most successful coach in franchise history and running it’s most successful quarterback in franchise history out of town.

This team is in a win now mode yet, remarkably, they are horrific and are in full blow tank mode. This upcoming week, 3rd rounder Will Grier is taking over for Fumblerdor Kyle Allen. I am rooting for that young bearded batch of goodness but I swear, if they somehow win even one of these last two games, I’m just going to f***ng lose it. This team needs to lose out and lose in style baby. I want them to get shit pumped, 41-21 loss. TANK IN STYLE! Carolina should do the honorable thing and just forfeit the last two games so there is not even a chance of them fricking up our draft pick.But Nay, I know this team too well and they’ll win out and ruin what could be a top 8 draft pick but I’ll digress.

The real question is, who do our Kitties draft and what pick will they realistically have? Glad you frigging asked.

Right now, the panthers are sitting with the 10th pick with two remaining games against the Colts (6-8) and the Saints (11-3). Ideally, we want the cats to lose out and finish at an astonishing shitty record of 5-11. If the cats lose out they have a great shot of moving up the draft board even further. the draft list in front of them is listed below.

9. Denver 5-9 ( Lions and Raiders)

8. charger 5-9 (raiders and chiefs)

7. Jets 5-9 (Steelers and Bills)

6. Arizona 4-9-1 (Seahawks and Rams)

After that, it’s unlikely the cats can pass anyone on the draft board as those teams are a pure disgrace, much like the panthers.

For the most part, Denver has turned it around somewhat and is playing decent football and I honestly see them winning both of those games which would have the cats (if they lose out) jump up to 9.

Chargers. If the Chargers can beat the Raiders, they would move ahead of the Panthers.

Jets. This is a long shot because the Jets are so f****ng bad but, maybe the Steelers they sneak one out.

Arizona. I don’t think Arizona is as bad as their record indicated but those are tow very tough matchups. If they can somehow sneak out a W against the Rams, they would move ahead of the Cats.

That leaves the panthers with the number 6 overall pick. Oh boy something in my pants is moving. Number 6 overall pick here we come! Who do we draft? that’s a tale for another day.

keep pounding panthers fans, here’s to tanking for TUA!

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Written by Clarky