Normally I would be writing about how I tricked a girl into going on a date with me and how that date went badly. But on some rare occasions, I have a date that goes surprisingly well. This is one of those stories:
Like most of my other romantic stories, this one begins in the fairy tale land of Tinder. For the most part, everything had been routine. We messaged for about a week, felt a connection, so we scheduled a date to meet up for dinner at a local restaurant. From the start I could tell things were going well.
Shortly after we were seated, we ordered our food. It could have taken ten minutes or an hour, but I wouldn’t have noticed. We held a solid conversation with no awkward silences. I told some jokes, she laughed. She told some jokes, I laughed. It was clear we were hitting it off.
The waitress delivers our food and we begin to eat. After our waitress walks away, another waitress approaches our table. She turns to my date and says “excuse me miss”
My heart stops. I immediately begin to panic. Was she coming over to tell her that my card was declined? I haven’t even given her my card yet so there’s no way she would know it’s going to get declined. If it was though, why would she be telling my date? Is this revenge? Wait, do I know this girl…oh no, did I take her one a date once? What is she going to say?
“Sorry to interrupt. I’m not your waitress but the lady that was sitting right behind you asked me to give this to you.  This is the cutest thing I have ever seen so I want to read it to you.”
She pulls out a receipt with a note written on the back and reads the message:

Good Date Note

I’ve been sitting behind you and I noticed your date.
  1. He stood up!
  2. No baseball Cap
  3. He’s paid attention to you and he’s listening
  4. He has kind eyes
  5. He has a genuine smile
  6. He’s a Good Date!!”
Wow. I’m not sure if everything on that list is true, but when she put it in writing it certainly appeared to be. This date was going well, but this just knocked it out of the park. With one single note, this mystery lady has just risen through the ranks as the best wingman, or shall I say Wingwoman, I’ve ever had. My feelings of relief and pride are accompanied by grief. This lady went out of her way to help me and I have no idea who she is. I didn’t even notice she was sitting there. Had I known what she was going to do I would have bought her a drink or given her a tip or something.
It’s been a few months since our first date and we’re still dating. I’m not saying we wouldn’t still be dating if it wasn’t for that list, but it definitely guaranteed the second date. So to the mystery lady who sent that note, thanks. You can be my Wingwoman any time.
UPDATE: We’re now engaged. To hear her side of the story, read her post Why Ghosting Someone was the Best Thing I’ve Ever Done.
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Written by Silent Riot