Once again, the new year is upon us. We spend the last few days of the year pondering through all the accomplishments (or lack thereof) we made last year and try to figure out how we’re going to top it this year. Chances are you haven’t even thought about what your New Year’s resolution is even going to be until someone asks, so in a state of panic you shout out something generic, like the resolutions on our previous post (New Year Same Shit: 3 Resolutions You Won’t Keep). You’ve tried these resolutions multiple times before and probably failed. Instead, try some new resolutions that aren’t incredibly difficult and can actually add value to your life.


1. Start a Side Hustle

Let’s face it, your standard 9 – 5 simply isn’t providing you with enough money to live that baller lifestyle you always dreamed. Plus, sitting in that cubicle is creating a boring habit that just sucks the excitement out of your life. Here’s some good news, there’s more to life than that boring 9 – 5. This year, try to maximize the value of that time spent outside of work by creating a side hustle. If there’s something you’re passionate about or a hobby you’re actually good at, figure out a way to make some extra money from doing it. After all, they say if you’re good at something, never do it for free. Unfortunately, we haven’t figured out a way to get paid to drink, but if you find out, let us know. Not sure, what you’re good at? Then no worries, there’s plenty of other opportunities out there to make some extra cash. You can always spend your free time driving for Uber, delivering packages for Amazon, or selling some beauty products through some multi level marketing/pyramid scheme. You probably won’t get rich off this side hustle, but at least you can add a little financial cushion to your bank account to help support your weekend bar tabs or help you upgrade to Tinder premium.


2. Become More Politically Informed

The next Presidential election for the United States is in November of this upcoming year. That means we are about to get bombarded with an unbearable amount of political ads, if it hasn’t already begun. If you’re like me, you’ve already opted in for the commercial free options on your movie and music streaming services and you avoid the news like the plague. This may significantly reduce the noise you will hear around the election, but it won’t completely drown it out. If you haven’t done research before and don’t really have a political preference, listening to these ads can be like trying to drink a sip of water from a fire hydrant. We’ll never post our political beliefs on this site, but we can all agree how important it is to do your own research and make up your own mind. That doesn’t mean watching one news program for information or just going along with what some people posted on Facebook. It means checking multiple unbiased sources (if you can find them) to make your own opinion. There’s already enough people posting about their beliefs on social media, so if you do become more educated, don’t feel the need to post your finding everywhere. It’s already been done.


3. Volunteer More

This may be a little cheesy, but why not improve yourself this year by improving the life of others through volunteering. Many companies now offer their employees free time off just to volunteer, so rather than let those days go to waste, take a break from the office environment and use a few work days to give back. Sure you could just donate some money to a charity and call it a day, but charities value volunteers just as much as they do monetary donations. It’s pretty selfish, but volunteering your time is an incredibly rewarding experience that can make you feel better about yourself. Also, it could send some good juju your way. Who couldn’t use some good karma?


4. Improve Your Carbon Footprint

You may not realize it, but our daily habits create an incredible amount of waste and pollution, which in turn costs money. This waste may not cost you money directly, but it does cost someone money. Don’t read this as trading in your car for a bike to save the earth’s atmosphere (although that would be a huge step). Instead, make a strict grocery list when going to the grocery store to avoid impulse buys and to reduce your food waste when you have to throw away that big bag of kale each week. Instead of 30 plastic bags from the store, switch to 3 or 4 of those durable reusable bags. Amazon’s 2 day shipping is great but opt in for the option that puts all the products in one box, instead of having all arrive separately on different days. If you’re going to drink (which we know you will), try favoring more sustainable brands like the ones outlined in our previous post about Drinking Sustainably. You don’t have completely change your lifestyle to reduce waste and chances are you may not even see the results of your changes, just know that changing one habit could significantly reduce your carbon footprint.


5. Socialize More…In Person

It’s easy to dive into the comfort zone of our cell phones. Technology has made it so that we can talk to everyone we know and even meet new people through apps like Facebook and Tinder. That comfort zone has left us staring down at our phones though, which means there is a world of opportunity right in front of us that we can’t even see. This new year, try to reduce the amount of time spent staring at your phone and focus more on human interaction. It will most certainly feel weird, but could have great benefits. Striking up conversations with coworkers or strangers could uncover new professional opportunities. It may even introduce you to your new love interest. Once you’ve bothered everyone around you, use apps like Meetup to find new groups to socialize with and find people who shockingly also want to interact in person. Who knows, your ability to socialize in person could help improve your abilities to socialize online as well.


Have an out of the box resolution you’d like to share. Comment them below or submit to officejockeys@gmail.com.


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