2019 is long gone just like the Panthers season. Next time I’ll see that abysmal joke of a team in the spotlight will be April where they will have the 7th pick after impressively loosing 8 straight. Fact of the matter is, the panthers are just a BAD football team. I’m done with the excuses of injuries, close games and bad play calling. 2019 was pure toxicity and I’ll be a monkeys uncle if I allow 2020 to be another dumpster fire. Get better Cats, just be better. Below are three things( although there could be 100) that the kittys need to improve on in order to not collapse like the past two season.



  1. Quarterback


cam newton.jpg

No team has more uncertainty entering the offseason than the Carolina panthers. with aging veterans and controversy at the most important position, these kats have dug themselves into quite the litter box. Cam Newton has 1 year left on his $19 million contract which is relatively cheap for a player of his caliber. The big question remains, will he be healthy? Due to the Panthers abysmal offensive line and Cam’s lack of awareness, Newton got his shit rocked every game for the past decade. This is finally taking a tole on his body and the Panthers could be solely responsible for his demise. The two games he started this year, he looked absolutely broken. He has not been the same since 2015-2016, no matter which way you dissect it. It’s a huge risk to sign him long term without knowing his health but if he so choses to play one more year as a “prove it” year, this would be the cats best option. It’s a win, win. If he storms back to the 2015 Cam, the cats have their QB. If the injury plague strikes once more, it’s time to move on. Kyle Allen showed signs of promise but as he spiraled out of control, as did the team. With inability to finish drives and prone to turnovers, it was like watching a less talented Newton. By the end of the year, the cats let Will Grier take the reigns and the only positive that came of that was we figured out he was garbage water. Personally, I think its time for a fresh start for this team. Move on, cut ties and draft a new QB who you can build around. Justin Herbert has tons of potential and if Tua can stay healthy, he could be franchise corner stone to piggyback off of CMC. Or we tank for Trevor next year.

2. Coaching


As all of you probably know, long tenured Rivera was fired following a loss from the league laughing stock Redskins. Ironically, the team that was responsible for his demise is the same team which hired him. Regardless of your thoughts on the firing, Rivera is gone and a new regime is looming ahead. The coaching carasol is an interesting one in Charlotte. For the past decade the identity of Carolina has been a strong defense with a mobile quarterback followed up with a strong run game. For the first time since I became potty trained, a new era could be on the horizon. The cats have already interviewed 3 coaches and plan to interview both Baylor’s head coach and offensive minded Josh Mcdaniels from New England. Personally, I’d love to see Mcdaniels running the show next year but he’s a popular candidate for many teams who may have more lucrative offers than the Panthers can provide. It’s crucial this team figured out its head coach soon as that will play a major factor in who will be under center come August.


3. Tank or go all in


Once again, here the panthers sit in the most awkward spot in the NFL. They can’t decide if they’re tanking or trying to win a Super Bowl. Coming into this season, it was predicted the panthers could be a playoff team. A healthy Cam Newton, two young promising receivers, a record breaking running back, hall of fame tight end and a stout defense led by the best linebacker in the NFL. A 10 win season was in the books. Yet, we know how this tale played out. 5-11 with no cam, Curtis Samuel was disappointing and the Defense had more holes than the Iraqi navy. This team isn’t getting any younger and they have the tools to be successful but they just find ways to beat themselves each week. If the Panthers look themselves in the mirror this offseason and come to the conclusion they can’t compete in the NFC South, they need to blow this team up. Trade away players and rebuild. If they see something most of us fans are eluding to see, then make the leap, grab that game changing player we need and go all in because Luke, CMC and many others are getting wasted in their prime.

You ruined my life in 2019 and I’ll be damned if you do it again in 2020.

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