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This week, on the traveling Jockey, we head north to the land of Charlotte. Despite having a horrific football team who constantly underperforms and with a management with a brain the size of a T. rex, this city is actually quite nice.

Charlotte has it all. For starters, it has 4 legit seasons like a normal state, unlike the fiery depths of hell that is Florida. Fall leaves trickled on the ground and a brisk wind that’s uncommon for the Floridian folk. The city flourishes with an abundance of young professionals chasing the American dream while also maintains a healthy social life as happy hours are typically packed.

Below, we will be ranking Charlotte of off 3 things: Lifestyle, Food/drink and career.

1. Lifestyle



The charlotte life appears to be a chipper one as it is one of the fastest growing cities in America. Fresh out of college hatchlings flock to Charlotte looking to spread their ecological wingspan within the work force. The city has coined itself as a “young professional” town, where 23-35 year old’s flourish in the city. With two professional and one minor league sports market, something is always on the agenda. Live concerts and activities such as 5k’s are the normal in this city. With everything in a short walking distance, this city is perfect to make a mark in your young career. Charlotte is a city, so the cost of living is  inflated to a point but its noting like new York or Boston. Life style gets a 8.4.

2. Food/drink


Any city or town you visit, this should be the first item your extensive research. After all, that precious PTO is wasted if you’re not paying for $14 beers and struggling to find a decent priced meal. Charlotte is the perfect city for brewery hopping and enjoying some home cooking food. You’ve heard of all the great restaurant chains North Carolina has to offer such as cookout or Bojangles, yet, until you dive into the heart of the city, you have yet to experience the full ensemble. The BBQ is unbelievable. Really, any joint you find on the streets is going to be a southern party ejaculating BBQ into your mouth. NC makes the best BBQ, end of story. The breweries are nothing to scoff at either. I live in Saint Pete FL, where its a sin to be seen with anything other than a 19.2% double IPA, so craft beer is nothing new to this office jockey. However, Charlotte gives Saint Pete a run for its money. Each brewery seems to have phenomenal setups, such as outside patios which is something that lacks in Florida due to it being 107 degrees in January. The food and drink alone is something that would drive me out of the fiery hell and into Charlotte. 8.9

3. Career.


If you’re looking to raise a family, live on a few acres of land, chew on bark and raise cattle, Charlotte is probably not for you. If you’re looking to thrust yourself into a competitive market with a small city atmosphere, this is the place for you. As one of the fastest growing cities in America, the job market is phenomenal. With large banks, corporations and tech companies- finding a job here won’t take splitting an atom. Due to the young professional atmosphere and a healthy job market where you can really carve out a nice career, life and social being for yourself, I rank this at 8.7

Charlotte gets an 8.6 on the traveling jockey scale. Be sure to check in next week where we dissect my very own city, Saint Pete Florida.

written by Clarky

Written by Clarky